Grahams Strapping

For my many readers of hand strapping stories, this will be worth the wait. It has been months in the writing and now the wait is (nearly) over.

Already scheduled for delivery are the full 3 parts of a longer hand strapping (tawsing) classroom story. Over the next week they’ll be released.

Tawase Cane
Just what type of strap does Ms Smeet have? Guess!

Ms Smeet is new to the school and for Graham she is impossible not to day dream about. She is tall, good looking and dresses in a way he just can’t ignore. Sure, she is a good teacher, but wow she is strict also.

Already and in only a few short weeks Ms Smeet has sent him to Mr Hughes with a note and each time it has been the same. He’s had to hold his hands out for six of the best from Mr Hughes strap.

In the next few days Part – 1 will be released.

Website Updates

Website Changes

I really liked the previous static image on the home page. It seems I was pretty much alone in this.

To me the image suggested a slight dissociation from life, looking down on other people and maybe feeling a bit on the outer. Maybe wishing it was me that was experiencing on the beach with a significant other. That was my feeling anyway.

We’ve added a few other images which I also like. In particular the one with the mask kind of appeals. Again, that summons up the thought of watching the BDSM scene yet also remaining incognito. Again, that was me for many years.

The wide open blue-eye’d image suggests surprise and looking at something that is not just ordinary. It is producing that ‘silent quiver’ I harp on about.

I hope you enjoy.


The Knowledge Base

How to Tie Everything Together

With a half dozen blogs in my new site, I started to wonder about people visiting with specific questions. how would they best search the blogs and how would they answer their questions.

Adding a knowledge base feels like a good fit.

The goal is to index or at least group blog posts into knowledge base articles.

Some things like, for example, how to choose a mistress really are quite thorny topics. I have experience with this, I have anecdotes and I have plenty of ideas that may help. Here is a link!

So – please do checkout the knowledge base.

Re-Write – First Blog

So. I deleted the original SilentQuivers site and this is a total re-write. I kept a copy of the blog posts – I’ll recreate them over the coming days.

Why? I was vastly unhappy with just about everything in the site, and even the page editor. I tried “updating” but the inevitable happened. I broke it badly. The only option was to delete everything and start again.