Prequel – Pro Domme Session BDSM 25 March 2021

Sorry – this has been an age coming.

I had a real life, paid for,  bondage, discipline, belt fetish BDSM aession with a dominatrix, a Mistress on 25 March 2021.

I spelled it out in all the above detail as it is truly a BDSM and fetish kind of session.

Also, belt fetish is a popular search term and adding that, leading readers to my belt fetish, leather and strap themed blog all helps.

My BDSM Sessions – What’s The Story?

I’ve been doing this for over 15 years now, and as my readers would know, I truly enjoy them at a level that astounds those around me who know of my preferences.

For come reason, being in bondage with many belts strapping me up tight, seeing the mistress with a wide belt, with various straps, then having her use them is a huge thing for me.

What about the pain? Sure, I feel pain like anyone else, but a had caning, a sound prison strapping, having a tawse lashing my hands seems to have a different kind of pain to anything else. Since it is deep in my psyche to seek this out, I find I want it, need it, regularly, the pain while significnt is not an issue.

How Good Was It?

Wow, it was amazing.  I had an amazing BDSM session and what a session it was. Seriously, it was among the best of my 15 years experience. Mistress was a delight, making the session work so very well. It was also one of the most severe, extending me. I’d asked for that and she delivered.

My sessions revolve around leather straps, leather belts, belt fetish, bondage and corporal punishment. I just love the feeling of being in bondage with belts around me, seeing the mistress wearing a wide leather belt then watching her take it off, run it through her hands then use for discipline, and I have a large number of belts and straps for her to choose from.

My Canadian Prison Strap looks very severe, and it is, and the rather lovely Off Billet Strap is a piece of leather that competes for severity with the Canadian Prison strap. Then I have some tawse that can only be described and severe if applied with any kind of effort (as it always is).

The thing is, the Mistress makes it special, and without her involvement it would be mechanical and kind of, well, a weak version of what happened.

What Did Mistress Do To Make It Special?

She got right into it. She played up to my belt fetish and corporal punishment needs.

We’ve had a number of sessions already so she knows my preferences. She is intelligent, empathetic and genuinely seems to enjoy the sessions.

What she did on the day was, to put it mildly, get into the groove, to embrace the BDSM and corporal and bondage nature of the session and to really make my session special.

A Private Theatre

A BDSM session with a great mistress has a strong element of “Private Theatre” about it. This means she takes on a role and then using that, fulfils my fantasies and special needs.

For example, a “school mistress” type session/role might be for the mistress to be a teacher who must discipline an unruly student, so she acts that out for her client.

In the pre-session discussion we talked over what I wanted, and she took that onboard very well.

Mistress did that for me and my needs spectacularly well.

I’ll document this in the full poosting to come, the next posting.

The Let Down

I feel disappointed when the session ends.

I’m in a different place, a different mind set, a different persona comes over me.

When the session ends I have to come back to reality and re-become me and, well, I find that disappointing.

Maybe you have read about sub-pspace? Well for me it is very real. I am truly different to the day to day me, so that in a session I change significantly. Coming back to reality is a let down, a transition I don’t much like. My time is over.

The Washup

After the session I went to a small restaurant and took the time to jot down the highlights into my laptop, and now, taking the time and reliving the memories I’ve fleshed it out.

So yes, it’s taken me a while to document as it left me so wonderfully satisfied and personally invested, I feel that revisiting it is difficult because I know I’ll want it all over again and soon. Not that I mind that, it is just that this session was so good.

So It All Happened Like This

— to come in the next post – it is written and waiting for a cleanup –