Strapubus After Hours

It Starts with a quiet drink

A man having a drink at a bar encounters a most unusual woman. A woman who has embraced her dark side, her kinky side and uses it for pleasures he would never have imagined. The only question, is this to be a once off or will there be a repeat performance.

Harry was tired from a tough Friday at work so decided to visit the bar near work. It was a bit trendy for his tastes but what the hell, it was time he splurged out. It was not as if he had anyone to spend his money on, his last girlfriend having deserted him a few months ago. He’d been feeling the loss, the need for some intimate time, but his work kept him busy.

Fun in bed
ball gag

On entering he found the bar dimly lit and, looking around, quite a nice place. He sidled up to the bar and claimed a stool beside a woman he only saw the back of and paid scant attention to.

“This taken?” he’d asked and she’d just waved a hand without looking at him. He wasn’t after a pickup for the night so he paid her little attention also. He just wanted to relax and enjoy a quiet night. The gentle music in the background was also helping, not thumping, not trying to shake his brains out.

His first beer went down quietly as he felt the peace. Damn, it was super cold, super nice, and he let his mind wander, his eyes half closed as he got right into it. Looking in the mirror behind the bar he saw the tables filling and the stools at the bar now fully taken. If it was going to get busy and noisy, he’d be leaving soon.

He decided on a white wine for his second drink, and also for it to be his last. He wasn’t much of a drinker, and two was his usual limit, plus it was getting busy. His first small taste made him smile with his eyes closed in pleasure. It was a lovely crisp chardonnay, and he sighed with the pleasure, a long deep slow sigh of contentment.

“My favorite,” said the woman beside him.

For the first time he looked at her properly, then nodded, “Mine too, but as a chaser to the beer. That slakes the thirst, the wine sits nicely on top.” She was a good looking woman, a bit older he guessed, and dressed very nicely indeed. The leather skirt, the low cut top, the bare jeweled arms all made her look a bit top shelf to him. She did look way out of his league.

Maybe she was a model, maybe an aspiring model, maybe someone from a fashion column? It didn’t matter, she was top shelf and he was tired. Too tired to do any chasing.

She turned a little more and he found she really was quite attractive in a severe kind of way. “I never respond to a pickup line. Why didn’t you try?” she asked. “Did you know I’d brush you off?”

He shrugged as he looked at her face, then into her deep hazel eyes sucking him in. Suddenly he realized she really was more than attractive. Not pretty, she was nothing like pretty. Pretty said feminine and possibly weak and simpering. She looked strong and sure of herself and hot as hell.

“Truth be told I’ve had a tough day at work. I just wanted to sit and relax and my brain really is struggling.” He didn’t say any more.

“Is that a brush off?” she asked with a quirky smile, something somewhere between a laugh and surprise showing on her face.

“No, not at all,” he said back pedaling quickly, “I think it means I’m too mentally exhausted to put in the effort and truth be told, I was absorbed in my beer. Sorry. It sounds weak and lame and all that but it’s the truth. I’m washed out.”

“Ah,” she said with a smile. “It is nice to chat to someone without an agenda. What do you do then?”

For the next half hour they chatted. Their lives were remarkably similar, both with high powered jobs making demands of them, and they were both in the same bar for the same reason.

Strapped Up In Harness

Back at her place he looked around the entry hall. It was just a small walled off tiled area that led into a large lounge room that had a view out over the city at night. It looked pretty at night like this with the lights twinkling. To the left was the kitchen area and to the right some doors that he guessed were bathroom and bed rooms.

His inspection was cut short by the hand on his bottom then Cynthia was in front of him, close, pulling him in till she was fully against his body. Reaching around with her other hand she pulled his head in and then he found himself kissing her, deeply. She got right into it, deeply into it and with her pulling him in, he felt his cock stiffen up instantly. Almost of their own accord, his arms circled her as they extremely deep kissed, their tongues dancing and rubbing together as she rubbed her hips into his, sending him sky high.

The kiss broke off eventually as she pulled away, then her hand was in his, pulling him, leading to the doors on the right. “Lets get you prepared,” she said.

With his mind in a whirl and his cock rock hard and hurting he didn’t give what she said much thought. He passed off the strange sound of it as ‘lets getting naked’ and that would be fine.

Seconds later they were in her bedroom, the light from the open door the only light in the room. Then, in a frenzy, they kissed again, her body against his rubbing and gyrating leaving no doubt in his mind that sex was going to happen very soon. Either that or he’d come in his trousers but looking at her, her red hot needy body, that was the last thing he wanted. He wanted to be inside her right now.

They both decided instantly, at the same time, then their clothes were flying through the air. Seconds after that he had his hands on her chest, roaming all over her and she had her hands on his cock and cupping his balls then she leaned in for a kiss.

“On your back on the bed,” she said, “quickly,” and she didn’t let go of him, leading him to the bed. It was sending him sky high.

He didn’t need to be told twice. He glanced at the bed but didn’t pay any real attention to what he saw in the dim light. It looked like she had a great belt collection spread over the bed and on the bedside table. But his need for her was paramount, so he laid down quickly and just looked at her naked form looming over him, her hand circling his cock, “Oh God,” he said. It felt a little strange, laying on her belts but right now he didn’t care, his mind was elsewhere.

His cock in her hand demanded his total attention. Well almost. Her naked form was an absolute delight to look at too.

Then she asked, “Do you need to go home tonight or can you stay, maybe leave early or freshen up here?”

That sounded even better. This was a dream come true. “Sure, I can stay,” he said as his hips were rising and falling in time with her stroking of him. Damn, if she wasn’t careful he’d be blasting his spunk onto the ceiling the way she was going.

“Good,” she said, “lay back and trust me, you’ll love this.” Then in one quick and he later guessed well rehearsed movement she spun around and suddenly she was squatting on his face, his mouth covered by her pussy, surprising him totally. Suddenly he had a face full of hot woman bits. And she held his cock. And she was stroking him.

“Lick,” she said as she lifted off for a moment, and he got the idea. He was not averse to dining out as the saying went and from experience it always meant he was in for some great sex with a woman who knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go get it. There were no down sides to this.

As soon as she pushed back down again, he started to lick and to nuzzle her between the legs. She tasted strong but womanly, tangy but also hugely sexy. “Umm,” was all he could say around the well haired pussy engulfing him, his senses filled with her.

Hard Riding In Straps

As she was rubbing herself into his face, he felt her hand leave his cock for a moment then she took his wrists and pulled his hands down along his body, pushing them against his hips. It was mildly strange, but nothing special considering where his face was.

With light pressure she had his hands against his body, pressed into the sides of his hips then he felt something he ignored as he lapped at the lovely labia, danced his tongue around the vagina then when she moved, he circled and tapped the little clit that was peeking out as she moved back and forward.

Suddenly, whatever it was tightened firmly. He felt the constriction around his hips and wrists binding him. In reflex, he tried to move his hands but found he couldn’t as they were trapped tight against his body.

In the time it took him to try moving them, he felt the same thing again but this time a little way up from his wrists, at about mid way along his forearm, then it too was tightened.

He was feeling frightened now. He started to squirm and move but her weight increased on his face, trapping him. It felt like some kind of restraint had been put on him, cinched up tight, and he couldn’t move his arms. At all.

“Ssshhhhh,” she said as she moved back and forward, then, “Lick,” as she moved her hips and rubbed her pussy against his face. “Trust me, this will be good.”

He wasn’t feeling too good about this, but she wrapped her hand around his cock again and started to rub taking his mind off it. “Hmmm, you can enjoy this,” she said as she cupped his balls with her other hand. Then, rubbing her pussy against his face he found himself enjoying it. What did he need his hands for anyway?

“Enough,” she said as she lifted off, his cock rock hard in her hand.

Turning round quickly, using a tight grip on him, she straddled his hips and took his full length inside herself in one quick plunge, her hips landing down in his lap, his cock right up her.

The sudden feeling of a warm moist and delightfully tight vagina swallowing his cock made him lift his shoulders up. She put her hands on his chest and pushed down as she put her full weight onto him taking him even deeper inside, but only for a moment.

She lifted off just a little, then she drove down taking the cock in fully, her hips slamming down and shaking them both and the bed.

“Oohh yess,” he groaned as she repeated it, fucking him hard, lifting and falling, fucking him deeply, using him. This was something he particularly enjoyed.

Then sitting upright, and now not moving, she put her hands either side of him and he saw her lift the ends of a belt and buckle the ends tightly, the leather of this belt at his elbows and pulled tightly into him when she buckled it. That took seconds.

Then leaning forward a little more so her breasts jutted over his face, another belt was gripped, raised, then buckled around his chest. Then in seconds again, another was buckled just under his shoulders.

Now he really couldn’t move. His torso had five tight belts wrapped around him and she was sitting on his hips, his cock stiff and hard and nestled deep inside her, her movement in doing up the belts had been nice, like she was almost chewing on his cock as she moved her hips.

Then she started to move again, “Enjoy it,” she said huskily as she leaned forward putting her lovely breasts just inches from his face as she moved back and forward, “Just lay back and enjoy it. Just a few more straps,” she said.

After some lovely slow fucking, she lifted off then standing beside the bed, she wrapped a belt round his thighs, buckled it tight, then above his knees, below his knees, round his calves and then round his ankles. She cinched them all up tight so he was barely able to move at all.

As this was happening his fear was rising, his damp pussy juice soaked cock was cold in the night air, and he felt himself going down slightly. But that was balanced by watching her naked form and the taste of her in his mouth.

“Waggle your feet,” she said so he did. It was electric watching her naked form in the half light, putting the belts round him.

She watched him waggle his feet, then leaning forward one more belt was wrapped round his feet, around each foot and over the bridge, underneath, then around both and pulled tight.

“There,” she said, “much better. Back to work,” then she gripped his cock again, and again he was erect and hard in an instant. Quickly she straddled him and he was again delightfully pushed up deep inside in a glorious fuck that took his mind off everything.

She leaned forward, pushed her knees back, then she was laying full length on him and her mouth covered his.

The kissing while she moved slowly was delightful, a full woman and sex experience and he was getting right into it. As she lay against him, squirming, moving her hips up and down he could feel himself starting to come, the end of his cock starting to twitch in the precursor to a hard release that would leave him gasping.

“Not yet,” she said as she rolled off his body, his cock pointing straight up still and moving, twitching, needing almost nothing to push him over the edge. “I always come first,” she said, “then you get your reward.”

Standing beside the bed, “Lift your chest up a little,” she said as her breasts were either side of his face. He assumed she was going to get him to suckle, to lick and maybe use his teeth to tease her nipples but she had other ideas. As he lifted, she moved something off the bedside table then she wrapped his neck with it. Her hands went behind his neck then he felt it tighten, the feeling of constriction now strong round his neck.

She bent slightly when she was done, then swung her breasts against his face, her nipples brushing against his cheeks, his nose, mouth and forehead. “It does focus the mind, wearing a posture collar,” she said, then she added, “I use it when I masturbate. And this too,” she said as she grabbed something else.

He had only a fleeting glance at it, then he felt something large at his mouth which he momentarily thought was a breast, but then when it was pushed in he had a horrid fear it was a dildo. Suddenly his mouth was completely filled, he felt the lather pad at the front against his lips and she said, “Lift up, quickly now, this is the icing on the cake. Just a little rubber for you to suck on.”

He did as told, looking at her jutting breasts then he felt pressure on his face as the strap to the gag, and he realized what it was now, was tightened. Not only that, in the half light he could see that the piece in his mouth extended out the front and it looked like a big fat penis sticking up in the air. This was confirmed seconds later when she quickly mounted his face, her hand guiding the big rubber cock into her pussy as she sat upright, then leaned forward.

“Make it good for me,” she said when she lifted up high for a moment, the sight of her vagina with just the tip of the rubber cock inside it exciting him. It was like a porn movie come true, laying there tied up with belts and unable to move as she took her pleasure.

She rode his face, moving up and down, as she held his cock. She became quite demanding, pushing down hard and at times moving from side to side as she clearly enjoyed the dildo inside her. The fucking seemed to take a while, but then her felt her quivering and he knew what this was. She was close now.

Lifting off she quickly turned around and again his cock was deep inside that gloriously delicious vagina. She rode him sitting bolt upright, his cock hard and pushing into the front of her vagina and rubbing her where she wanted. Then, as she sat, her breasts swinging slightly he felt her tensing up just as he felt the same thing. Then it hit them both. She screamed out loud and was jumping and quivering and clenching his cock as she came hard, and he felt the end of his cock swell up and then almost burn as he spurted hard and deep inside her. He was shuddering, quivering, moving up and down as much as he could, and she was doing the opposite and pushing down on him.

It lasted a week, it lasted ten minutes, he had no idea how long but he knew his balls hurt when it finished and he was completely spent. He lay there, her on top of him, his body tingling all over and still with all those belts wrapped round him, unable to move.

At long last the delicious fucking finished. She’d kept her hips moving long after she finished, and long after his own shudders finished, but now he felt himself softening up.

She pushed her legs back and while keeping her hips against him to lay full length on his body again. She relaxed down and soon her face was beside his, her cheek against his.

He felt the post climax sleep wafting over him, his eyelids getting heavy, his body drifting off. Without moving she said quietly into his ear, “Get a snooze. We’ll go again in an hour or two. Suck on the gag, it’s like a pacifier. I love that feeling after I masturbate, the feeling of cock and drifting off with it in my face and the posture collar cinched up tight just feels dreamy.”

With her laying on top of him, her soft body pressed into him, he did just that. The rubber cock was absolutely the last thing he thought he would accept, but now with her naked body pressing against him, it felt good, particularly after the massive come.

Kinky Night Wake Up

He slept deeply, and how long for he didn’t have any idea but when he did wake it was extraordinary.

He was unable to move. Something was in his mouth, big and fat and rubbery. He ran his tongue along it then against his will almost, he felt himself sucking on it, his tongue running up and down the shaft.

In his half wakeful state it was dreamy and erotic then he realized that if he was unable to move, why was his cock being circled by a warm hand that was wanking it gently.

He started to move, then he heard, “Wakey wakey sleepy head. Time to earn your keep again,” and then he remembered. He was in a woman’s bed and all tied up.

“Mind if I use you for as little pleasure?” she asked.

The wanking of his cock stopped then her hands came up to his face and he felt the strap round his head tighten for a moment, then release, then she pulled out the gag.

“You up for it?” she asked again.

He nodded and gasped slightly, the feeling of being able to use his mouth again feeling strange. “Ohh yes,” he gasped.

“Good. There. Lets use those lips and tongue for a while,” she said huskily. Then he had a face full of woman, kissing him, giving him her all with her tongue chasing his around and her lovely lips pressed down hard on his.

He enjoyed that, particularly when her hand found his cock again and had it hard in seconds. “Hmmm,” she said when she pulled back for a moment, “does this mean you like it?”

He could only nod for a moment, gasp slightly, then say, “Ohhh God, you’re amazing,” which was enough for her. Quickly she was kissing and deep tongue thrusting him again.


As he lay there, tied up tight with all the belts round him he found it erotic to be fondled, kissed, wanked by the beautiful woman beside him. In the half light from the open door he could see her lift up on one elbow as she kissed him, her other hand moving down his chest and running over all the belts binding him. Then when it came to his cock again, she tweaked it, pulled on it, slid her hand up and down the shaft, wanked him, sending tremors up and down him and made him hard and needy.

And there was nothing he could do about it. He was at her mercy and that just made him harder and more needy.

Her tongue flicked into his mouth and found his, rubbing against it as she caressed him. He felt his cock responding more and more strongly, and his balls were starting to ache in his desire.

Taking her time, doing it slowly so her whole body rubbed against his, she slid on top of him sensuously with her naked body, taking her time and rubbing against him. It was the most erotic moment of his life, tied up like that as she slid on top.

Then, with some hip movements as her tongue was moving in his mouth, she found the head of his cock and hunching, she pushed back and had it lodged inside just an inch.

Lifting her chest off his, releasing the deep kiss, she looked into his eyes and she slid her body down slightly so he was now lodged fully inside her. Damn but it felt good.

“Let me fuck you slowly,” she said and then she did that. Slowly, her hips rising and falling, rocking from side to side, with her body against him and her tongue deep in his mouth, she fucked him for her pleasure.

“Oh yes,” she said as she moved her hips slowly, her hips moving up and down in a steady rhythm. “Oh yes,” she breathed into his mouth as his cock started to swell and twitch, then when he came, shaking and shuddering, she pushed back hard on his cock taking his full length deep into her pussy and grinding her hips down on him.

Finally when his orgasm had passed, when he’s stopped quivering and he’d regained his senses she looked down at him. “Finish me off,” and with that she put the gag back in his mouth but didn’t buckle it up. “Keep that in there,” she said then quickly she turned and straddled his face.

Seconds later he had that warm wet pussy against his face, the dildo pushed deep inside her as she moved up and down. This time, with it not strapped into his mouth, he felt it moving more in his mouth so he had to grip it with his teeth to stop it coming out.

As she used him his whole world was her crutch, moving up and down on the black shaft, but it didn’t last long. With a cry and a shake of her hips, she came and came hard with her hips slamming down onto him to get the maximum possible penetration.

When it was finally finished she lay down beside him then took the rubber shaft out of his mouth.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Then she kissed him long and hard. “Do you like the taste of me?” she asked between kisses, her hand roaming all over him.

“Yes,” was all he could say then his mouth was plugged with her lips and tongue as she got into it again. She kissed him for an age then she lifted off.

“Here’s a treat then,” she said then she put the gag back in his mouth. He didn’t realize it before but she must have used the gag end for the fucking and not the protruding dildo when she straddled his face as he all of a sudden had the taste of her strong in his mouth, her juices still thick on the rubber gag. Lifting his head, she strapped it deep into his mouth then she lay back down beside him and wrapped a hand round his cock. “Back to sleep. I’ll use you again in the morning. Get your strength up.”

Then she snuggled down and he felt her hand moving over all the belts, round his cock, around the belts again. As he was starting to drift off in the post orgasmic bliss he felt it wrapped round his cock. It was a delightful way to go to sleep as he ran his tongue up and down the rubber shaft tasting her, imagining he was giving her head again.

Morning Ride In Straps

The morning was memorable also, and for all the same reasons. The initial problem was that he needed, desperately, to use the toilet. He was awake quite quickly with that full bladder feeling and his movement woke the woman.

She was wrapped around him, an arm over his body and a leg cocked over his hips as he lay with all the belts binding him. He frowned, he tried to make the ‘ need to pee’ look or whatever that was as he looked at the door to the bedroom into what he presumed was a small bathroom.

“Pee?” she asked, then “not a problem,” when he nodded quickly.

She sat up in the bed then took off all the belts from his waist down, releasing him. He presumed she’d take the ones off above the waist but that didn’t happen. She gripped the ring in the middle of his collar and, “Come on, let’s use the bathroom,” which was novel.

Struggling after the enforced immobility, she got him to his feet then she led him, all the belts round him making themselves felt, into the bathroom then, “Sit,” she said after she led him to the toilet seat.

He turned, sat then he felt her hand on his cock pointing it down into the bowl. It was erotic but his bladder was damned full so a large hot stream of urine took a few seconds to release. And when it did start, it was unstoppable.

As he was pissing he watched the naked woman in front of him, and she was a pleasure to watch. She made a meal out of the display of getting a face washer, soaking it in the hand basin then rubbing it around her crutch. She caressed a breast with one hand, then with the other rubbed herself between the legs with the face washer. Then she rinsed it, and repeated, then she took the end of the face washer and pushed it into her vagina, rotating her hips and gasping and making gentle erotic noises as she rubbed and caressed herself.

Finally when he was done, she smiled at him, shook his cock then taking the ring in his collar again told him, “Stand,” and so she led him to the small hand basin.

Turning on the hot tap she got the face washer again, wet it with hot water then she washed his cock and balls. It was enormously sexy, to have his cock and balls washed like that, particularly when she tapped his thighs and told him to open, open wide. He spread his legs for her making himself available, exposing himself. The face washer was rinsed then again it was used all over his crutch and down the inside of his legs. It, like everything else she did, was damned erotic.

She then started to stroke his cock. “Up for it,” she said as the stroking started to harden him up, not that it needed much after what she’d been doing. “Oh yes, I can see you are. One last one for the road then. Something a little different maybe.”

She gripped his cock then pulled him along.

She led him back into the bedroom then made him stand beside the bed, back a few feet. Releasing his cock, she quickly got a fist full of belts then in seconds his legs and ankles were circled and the leather cinched up tight so he was again totally bound.

“Kneel,” she said firmly as she gripped the ring on his collar and gave it a little tug downward.

Soon he was kneeling, facing the bed, and she was naked and smiling at him as she looked down, his eyes right at crutch level. Right where he wanted to be. He could see her nipples were hard and pointy, clearly this was having an effect on her.

She moved in front of him then sat on the bed, her legs on either side of his body. Reaching forward she took the gag out of his mouth then with a firm hand on the back of his head, she pulled him forward and down. He knew what she wanted.

Some pussies were glorious, some super sharp tasting as if their owners never washed them, and others were just the opposite. He liked the ones where the labia weren’t too pronounced but there was enough of them to get a tongue around them, to suck them a little and the clit was in a lightly furred forest and available. Hers was like that.

He moved forward slowly then licked her from bottom to top, slowly, the tip of his tongue flicking in between her labia and licking her gently and sensuously. Then he circled the clit, letting his tongue play with it, twiddle it, roam around it and move all over it to excite her.

The effect was all he wanted. Her hand was on the back of his head, she leaned back, she opened her legs to him and pushed her pussy upward to get as much tongue on it as possible.

He knelt, the belts wrapped round him and gave her the best head he could. It was probably also the best he’d ever given. His girlfriends had in the past been treated to this only occasionally and even then, it had never been as good as this. This woman had the nicest tasting pussy he could remember, tasty and all girl but not overly so.

As she started to gasp, to get closer to a come, she put her hand on his head and pushed back. The gag was quickly back in his mouth and buckled tightly. “Quickly, on your back.”

He stood, which wasn’t easy strapped up like that, then he shuffled forward. With her hands on him, she guided him to be laying on is back.

She wasted not a second, she flicked her legs either side of his face. He looke dup, the end of the dildo projecting upward, here pussy gaping and open over his face. Then her hand came down and gripped the shaft, guiding the end of the dildo between her legs then seated deep inside her. She leaned down then his cock was taken in her mouth and suddenly he was getting some wonderful head as her hips rose and fell on his face.

He was as randy as hell now, this was just too much to take and like last time, just before he came, she got off him quickly then gripping his cock seated it between her legs and dropped down hard taking it all in one deep thrust, his chest came up off the bed slightly, but she pushed down as she leaned forward putting all the more pressure on their hips and making the fuck deeper and more glorious. She rose and fell, rose and fell, rose and fell then he was pushed over the edge, his come gloriously mind bending as he shook and shuddered in orgasm.

As he shook, she didn’t stop, her hips were needy, gripping him, moving from side to side as well as up and down then with a gasped “yeaaahhhhgggs oh yes,” she came also, shuddering and hunched over him, her hips gripping him tightly.

Their bodies joined at the hips lay still with him still fully inside her and neither of them were moving. “I do like a nice firm cock inside me,” she said as she rubbed her hand over his chest and the belts circling him. “I do like it a lot,” then she stroked his face.

Leaning forward she unstrapped the gag then leaning down fully she kissed him deeply, their mouths open and locked together as their tongues writhed and rubbed together.

They lay like that for a while, her on top of him, kissing, their tongues writing then the inevitability of running out of time meant she had to get up.

Taking her time she unstrapped him. Each belt she took off she rolled up then put onto her bedside table till they were all taken off, except for one she doubled over she put in her lap. Then, as he lay watching her, she took off his collar then the double dildo gag.

She picked up the doubled belt again and ran it through her hands. Like that it looked like it was designed to crack across a naughty bottom. Without thought he got up then sat beside her on the bed.

“That has got to be the most unusual night of my life.” Then as he watched her smile slightly, “also one of the best. Do you do that often?”

She smiled then put a hand on his knee, the other with the belt flicking it up in the air, draping it over their knees, playing with it. “As often as I can. Some can’t stand it, the bondage, some go all crazy then run out even with the promise of a hot fuck. You were very good.”

He put his hand on hers, then ran his hand along her knee then up the side of her chest then fondled a breast. “I’d kind of like to do that to you, you know. Have you all strapped up and take advantage.”

She lifted the belt, wrapped it round his neck and pulled him close. “I told one of my girlfriends what I like. You know what she called me?”

He shook his head, but damn hot and sexy came to mind.

“A strapubus, a bit like an incubus but using belts, straps, and takes advantage of men for my pleasure. I could be tempted to try it the other way round. Maybe,” she said as she leaned in and kissed him hard.

<to becontinued>


Having A Belt Fetish

A Belt Fetish For Life

From my early teens I know I had a belt fetish. Mainly it was when a woman wore a wide belt, the wider the better and only of leather. If it was about two inches wide then it would draw my eyes like a magnet. Irresistible.

Men wearing belts don’t do it for me, nor do belts made with anything other than wide solid leather.

While I really don’t care for women’s fashions in general, I do take note of the belt trends. The 60’s, 70’s and 80’s had some lovely hip slung wide belts. These never cease to please.

Who wears the best belts? Google search “diane keaton belt” and you will be delighted if you have my fetish. She is on a level all her own when it comes to wearing wide belts.

I rate women’s belts. Diane Keaton would have to be a 10/10 every time. I have never seen her with anything more narrow than a 2 inch belt and 3 inch is the norm.

Leather belts are so useful for BDSM and the fetishist like me. My first bondage experience was with leather luggage straps, belts, and to this day I remember those life changing times.


Belts work so well at every level. They draw the eye, they make the mind wander. Round mistresses waist they trigger the leather fetish fully. Just picking one up and running it through the hands has its own special appeal.

Belt Fetish and BDSM

I have two 2 inch wide and quite thick leather belts that mistress wears in my pro-dom BDSM sessions. She puts them both around her waist and watching her do that is a special thing for me. It triggers all my fetishes.

For the last 2 sessions she’s worn one over the shoulder like a bandolier, the belt running between her breasts. For any kind of voyeur it is engrossing.

Mistress also paid me a compliment that I found surprising and endearing. Last session she showed me a new belt she’d bought saying she’d been thinking of me when she bought it. She wore it during session – and it looked absolutely fabulous too.

Seeing a woman put on a belt, seeing her take it off, seeing her adjust the belt round her waist is a huge high.

My brown belt is thicker and quite solid, the black is thinner and more supple. During the session mistress will run her hands along a belt, then take it off, double it then give me a strapping with it. Then she’ll put it back round her waist then later it will all repeat again and again.

Time and again mistress will caress the belt…take it off…fold it in half…use it…put it back on again slowly. And I will be closely watching her do that.

strap harness dress

I wish I could find a fish-bone harness (also known as a spine). They are a harness of a dozen  inch and a half wide straps totally wrapping the slave, strapping him up tight.

A strappy women’s harness dress is always good.

Bondage in belts works so well, at every level. Laying in tight bondage, unable to move, feeling the leather against the skin and even the small sounds of leather moving is just delicious.

When mistress buckles the straps up tight, and they wraps the wrists, ankles, knees and maybe straps running between them, slave is totally at her mercy.

Corporal From Belts triggers the fetish making the trip into sub-space quick. Mistress stands in front of slave and takes off her belt. She folds it in half, then gives slave a strapping with it, forcefully slamming the doubled leather down making gunshot loud cracks that echo out of the dungeon and down the corridor. Then and most importantly, she stands in front of slave as she puts it back on and adjusts it round her waist.

Collecting Belts

I haven’t collected a lot of belts, just maybe a dozen if you count stirrup straps as belts.

My two 2 inch wide belts mistress wears are firm favorites. They have roller buckles with a heavy duty feel to them, yet they sit so well on mistresses hips just drawing the eyes in. They were purpose made for me by a saddler. The thinner black belt is quite supple making it easy to accept a strapping from it, while the brown belt is thicker leather and quite severe. I’ve had so many strapping’s from them both, every session for maybe 10 years and usually more than one strapping of at least a dozen strokes a few times per session.

Purchasing women’s belts isn’t a thing for me. I can’t do it. It feels strangely wrong. it feels almost hypocritical to say that – it conjures up the feeling of stealing panties off the washing line (not something I’m into at all – each to their own – not for me).

I get my belts from a saddler – they are made to my specifications and it works well for me. Possibly they are not the cheapest, but the leather is absolutely first class. Some I’ve had for nearly 15 years and while the leather is a little scuffed in places, they are still absolutely excellent.

Stirrup straps are a mixed pleasure. The buckle on the ones I have is a little odd but they do work well for bondage even though they are a little stiff and coarse on the inside. For corporal, a strapping, I find them a little narrow and perhaps not severe enough. A few mistresses have given me some strokes with them but they haven’t really worked all that well.

Perhaps next time when you see a woman wearing a wide belt, or a rack of belts on sale – think of me and smile.

Getting The Cuts (strap) at School

In Days Of Old - School Was Very Different

When I went to school, we all sat in school desks, two to a desk. These were lined up in rows of usually three, and there would be maybe 5 or 6 desks to a row. Class sizes tended to be larger than they are now, usually in the 30’s.

It was by today’s standard spartan to say the least.

Yes, we sat in these. No padding, no cushions. There was even a hole for an ink-well.

Under the lid we stored books, pencils, other things we brought from home.

School desk

Classroom Discipline - The Cuts

Make no mistake – the practice of beating children for any reason is not condoned, suggested or recommended in any way. It was a disturbingly brutal practice belonging to a time well left behind us.

But that was the way it was, in my day corporal punishment was in-vogue. Most teachers both male and female in our school had a leather strap which was used to enforce classroom discipline.

We would be called out to the front of class, made to present the palm of one hand, then the strap was cracked down on it.

We called it “getting the cuts” – I suppose as a result of how it felt, a sharp biting pain.

Some of the female teachers would send students to a male teacher to be strapped, while others had their own strap. I remember sitting watching younger students come into my class to get the cuts from my teacher. Then one day, he sent his strap back with the children for their teacher to use. She must have used it, I don’t remember them coming back after that.

That was the way it was.

“Come Out The Front”

The command “come out to the front” was dreaded. It meant you were getting the cuts, the strap, the ultimate sanction.

You would have to stand then walk with every eye of the class on you as you moved to the front of the class room.

I remember that feeling of being called out the front. It was doom-dread mixed with a huge amount of embarrassment. ‘I’m getting the cuts’ was my thought. Then ‘everyone is watching’ was the next.

The teacher would go to the desk then produce the feared strap which was usually stowed in a drawer, but if the class had been unruly the teacher might have even been carrying it to ensure attention. Sitting up in your desks, nothing focused the mind like watching the teacher holding the strap, or point it at you when asking a question.

I remember standing out the front waiting to get the cuts with every eye on me and to this day, I feel some embarrassment thinking about that.

The experience of being strapped, of the pain, I barely remember. I do remember the sound of it, and I remember thinking that the others in the class thought it should hurt but I never really felt that. Sure, it stung, but it wasn’t all that much. The embarrassment was the worst part.

In my school one stroke was the norm. I never heard or saw anyone get more than this, and it was only boys. I never saw or heard of a girl getting the cuts. I don’t ever remember thinking this unfair either. Again, it was just the way it was.

How Was It Done?

Usually the student would be told to come out the front of the class, though sometimes the teacher would walk along the aisles between desks and strap a student if need be. It was quicker.

Hold out your hand,” was the command.

The usual method was to make the student stand with the arm raised, the palm held flat and open, thumb tucked in to make an ideal target. It is a very submissive pose, the flat of the palm presented and open and accepting punishment. That just adds to it all, putting the student in their place.

The teacher then put the strap up and over the shoulder, the elbow tucked into the side to help with aim. There would be a delay of a fraction of a second, just enough to gauge the target, then with a firm downward arm movement the leather strap would flash down and crack across the palm and fingers.

The crack of the strap was quite loud, sharp, I remember that. The sting would follow then you would be told to go back to your seat. Usually there was some form of telling off, usually shouted, where the teacher would point out what you’d done wrong and also warn you that you’d get the cuts again, and more, if you did it again. I remember sometimes the student had to take the strap back to the teachers drawer, or fetch it for use. That never happened to me.

There was variation in teachers and how often they strapped. I remember the worst teacher I had, an older man, shouted a lot and tended to have some spit flying through the air. He was very keen with his strap, just about all the boys got it at least once. I got it twice from him. All that said, I never thought him unfair. He gave a warning then you got the cuts if you messed around. Very simple.

What Strap Variations Were There?

In my school, none. The strap was a piece of leather maybe an inch and a half wide and maybe a foot and a half long. They could be shorter, or narrower or longer – but you get the general idea. They really were a nothing special kind of thing.

I don’t know where they came from. They could have been the end of a belt or a piece of harness perhaps. All the straps I ever saw were like this. I seem to remember that some had some holes in them, not large, which makes me think they were the ends of belts.

There was some school ground folk-lore about straps. The most common was that the teachers starched them, to make them more stiff to hurt more. I doubt that was true. I don’t remember there being discussions on how to make getting the cuts less painful.

Some blogs I’ve read suggested some things to reduce the sting which were quite stupid. We tended to almost ignore it I suppose.

I remember in grade six our teacher didn’t have a strap, so one of the mothers donated hers which he then proceeded to show the class and demonstrate on anyone who wanted to try a stroke. This is mentioned in another post HERE.

Other schools I heard of from a friend had a split strap, known as a tawse. These have a long history of school use going back nearly 100 years and they can be vicious. The split makes them sting much more fiercely. I had never heard or a tawse till getting into BDSM, and now I own a half dozen.

A cane was also used in some schools, but I believe they were mostly (or all?) private schools. Mine was a state school where the strap ruled supreme.

What Would You Get Strapped For?

I remember getting the cuts in grade 4 for talking to a friend. We were whispering and the teacher had enough. We were both told to come out the font, present our hands then he strapped us, one stroke each.

In grade 5 I got the cuts twice. I remember I got the cuts for mucking up a long multiplication sum. He put the sum on the board then checked everyone’s work. Those who got it wrong had to come out the front for the strap. There were three of us. The thing was, he’d said very strongly (shouted) that we must do it his way to get it right. We didn’t listen. We got the cuts.

How Were Students Affected?

I don’t remember feeling any animosity to my teachers. I do not remember any of them abusing their corporal punishment powers. It was to them and us just a part of teaching. I was probably lucky that way. Not everyone was so lucky.

I don’t remember resenting our teachers.

I remember it as being relatively fair, if such a thing can have that consideration.

One thing we were always aware of was how strict a teacher was, particularly if it was end of year and we were going into a new grade. That was always a concern.

I do know it had an awful and lasting effect on many people.

From my own speaking with friends and acquaintances, here are some real life anecdotes.

  • I know that at another secondary school a friend of mine called a teacher ‘strap happy’ meaning he used his strap a lot. The woodwork teacher. The implication was that he over used it. He was resented for that. It had a lasting effect.

  • Another friend in grade 6 said he was strapped unfairly and he got more than one stroke. He hated the teacher as a result.

  • A person I knew said he went to a religious based school. He commented that the brothers (teachers) thought a leather strap made the students smarter. He had a lot of resentment. He also had some significant drug and learning problems. The effect on him was awful.

  • A BDSM mistress commented to me that some of her clients can’t abide the cane. It reminds them of bad times at school. It affected them so badly.

  • Some younger Asian girls I met casually mentioned that they were caned at school if they did poorly or played up. Same at home by their mothers. This was relatively recent also.

  • I remember some of the boys in grade 5 had a need to play up and didn’t care one little bit if they got the cuts. It didn’t affect them in the least.

  • I hated getting the cuts. I avoided it. I tried to be an excellent student. It was the walk of shame that affected me the most – every eye on me.

Were There Lasting Effects?

For me, it was something that just was. There was nothing unusual about it, it was part of school life and everyone accepted it.

For others, they were badly affected and for life I believe. Truly, this is something that for some children left lasting and terrible legacy and hence it is right and proper that it has been banned in schools for many years.

Any search of the internet will expose disturbing stories of criminal level abuse of children.

Now, after much reflection about this for much of my life I don’t consider myself abused, damaged, traumatized by corporal punishment at school.

I do know it affected me. I can’t normally talk about it as I find the whole thing deeply personal. Exposing this on the internet is far easier. Even in pre-session discussions with mistresses, it takes effort to say what I need and hand strapping is one of the more difficult things to discuss.

What About My Pro-Dom Sessions?

Now, over 50 years later, hand strapping is something that I get in a BDSM session from a mistress. In the pre-session discussion we talk about what I have in mind and a hand strapping at the start, in the middle, then at the end of the session is what I usually ask for.

In the pre-session discussion, I find talking to the mistress about hand strapping the most difficult.

In session, time and again, the mistress commands me to hold out my hand (just like at school) then she gives me the cuts but there are many differences (improvements?).

A follow up post will document my pro-dom hand strapping and tawsing sessions plus discuss the whys and hows of it all.

Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020

A New Year - A Great year Coming

So, 2019 was a year that saw me define many things.

For example, this website and blog became much more important to me as I grew more comfortable with my inner feelings. Just writing these blog entries and exposing them to the internet has been a cathartic healing process.

Getting on top of emotions and their baggage, trying to see a way forward and gain comfort from acceptance is not easy. Writing it down helps.

So where am I heading in 2020 and what about SilentQuivers?

  • I would like to see the tone of my writing change from one of angst to one of graceful acceptance. I won’t go back and edit old posts so that any progression should be exposed.
  • I want to learn 2 new things in 2020. I can’t expose what they are, but they will be peripheral to my work-life and hobbies. I want to generate new interests in my life, expand, grow mentally.
  • Write more. Expose more of my writing in my blog.
  • My health has not been great. I shall make 2020 the year this turns around.

But Most Important of All

To myself and to everyone I wish the blessing of good health, good friends, good loving and a good life.

As I get older, these become more and more important.