About Silent Quivers

A helping hand

Does your inner silent quiver get in the way of living a happy life? Here you can share in the experiences of a like minded person who came to terms with those quivers. Maybe this can be your helping hand to ascend and grow in life.

Help is never far away.

Coping with Life

For me denial was second nature, for decades. Here you can read about my journey and the perils and rewards of that journey. Perhaps you can avoid the mistakes I made – I hope so. Life is meant to be beautiiful, and it is. All it takes is a little work.

Reject stress, take time off to live life.

Acceptance brings peace

The hardest lesson to learn is acceptance. From there, embrace your inner self and live life as never before. Your silent quivers for BDSM need not hold you hack. Like me you can embrace them and experience life to live it as never before.

This is my journey.