Domestic Discipline

Over the years I’ve written a number of stories in various genres, from penal (strapubus), school (Teaching Teachers) to dungeon (Roby and Rick) and also the “domestic discipline” type stories (training).

Without going into too much detail, these have always held an attraction because they pull the mind into unchartered waters (for most of us). They merge home setting with corporal punishment then the possibility of sex with someone afterward, and not cheating on a marriage.

So, below are links to some existing stories – and a promise of more to come.

Domestic strapping

After dinner and before bed, “Lets just get you ready for bed, I’ve not been happy with you today,” she says. Luckily she’s forgotten to redden the palms with her tawse, or at least that is his hope.

Here are some links to previously pulished domestic type stories;

Millennium Discipline” – discipline in the family unit brings back stability and polite behaviour and saves their society from anarchy and decline. There are multiple stories.

Millennial Discipline Friday Night” – is their end of week review and discipline night. Prepare for sore butts on poor performance.

Melanie Does Session Training” – his wife catches him using his implements on himself then lends a hand to make their marriage very much more satisfying.

Melanie Does Discipline And Bondage” – is part 2 and takes Melanie’s acceptace of domestic discipline a whole lot further.

Hands strapped by the wife” – I gotinto this blog entry far too entheusiastically, but well, here are some tips on enhancing domestic discipline and corporal punishment in general.

Coming in the near future are;

Gary’s Strapping” is about his strict principal wife finding then correcting fault. This has two versions, the succinct, then the longer version for readers to choose and comment on.

Barry’s Maintenance” where his lovely wife gifts him red hands and buns before he pleases her.

Ryan’s Home Strapping” is an account of a marriage gone wrong then returning to fulfilment when fetish and role play become the chemisty for reunion.