Session Time – Time To Feel Again

XH Tawse

I had my last session in December 2021 and what a wonderful session it was. I’d asked for a cold caning and cold prison strapping which mistress gave me and pushed me to my limits.

Those initial few strokes were so difficult to take, sending me sky high. The heavy prison strap cracked down then the cane following that cut through it all with a burn that really did test me.

This next session, next week if I can schedule it, will be a little different. I want them all to be different in some way, something new yet at the same time the same fetish and corporal punishment needs are all there.

Bent for the tawse

A two tailed tawse brings up a fine red sheen on a bent set of buttocks. After the prison strap, the tawse can still be felt if used hard which it always is.

Then it can be used on the hands with excellent effect.

A Script For My Next Session

For my next session, this is what I’m going to ask for in the pre-session discussion with the mistress. We’ve had five(?) sessions together now. She is truly excellent, a lovely person, and in session she gets right into it. I admire her abilities and that we can interact so well.

Typically when we meet we talk a little about how life has been to us then after paying the fee I ask her if we can have a session along the following lines.

“Hi Mistress, it’s been about five months since my last session and I’m thinking about a session like this please.

Can we split it into a few parts as usual.

The first part I’ll be in belt bondage kneeling. Gag me please. Give me a hand strapping with the school strap, then the end of the belt, the mild tawse, then the XH tawse. I’ll have these lined up ready to use in order.

For the next part please put me into suspension, arms up high. Then use the belts, lots of belts, and straps and then the prison strap for a six of the best and then the cane for six of the best. If I take them too well, repeat harder. Make me react.

My huge wide belt fetish is calling, I really love to see you take a wide belt off, use it to give me a hard belting, then see you put it on again. That’s huge for me, seeing you take it off to use, then putting it on again.

After this, off suspension and another hand strapping with your choice, maybe the end of a belt and the tawse again.

Then bent over and strapped down to the bondage bench with lots of straps holding me in place. Then give me a really hard belting, lots of strapping and prison strapping and caning. Give me a hand strapping a few times when I’m bent over, release just the arms and hands and make me hold them out for the strap. Then tie them back up and go back to giving me a belting, a prison strapping and caning.

After this, at the end, off the bondage bench and kneeling again for a final hand strapping.”

That is very similar to what I got last time.

Last time it was a cold prison strapping and caning right at the start, and that was hard to take but excellent. This time I want more warm up with the belts and straps.

I really enjoy the visual and I do like to change each session. The hand strapping is a bit more prescriptive as I want lighter straps used first before the tawse.

I’ve struggled to document my sessions here as they are so personal, even for me. However, at least I’ll give maybe a little feedback.

Play safely!