Grahams Strapping

For my many readers of hand strapping stories, this will be worth the wait. It has been months in the writing and now the wait is (nearly) over.

Already scheduled for delivery are the full 3 parts of a longer hand strapping (tawsing) classroom story. Over the next week they’ll be released.

Tawase Cane
Just what type of strap does Ms Smeet have? Guess!

Ms Smeet is new to the school and for Graham she is impossible not to day dream about. She is tall, good looking and dresses in a way he just can’t ignore. Sure, she is a good teacher, but wow she is strict also.

Already and in only a few short weeks Ms Smeet has sent him to Mr Hughes with a note and each time it has been the same. He’s had to hold his hands out for six of the best from Mr Hughes strap.

In the next few days Part – 1 will be released.