The Hairdresser

Some People Really Are good To Talk To

My new hairdresser was a younger woman in her early thirties. She has an open happy face that almost cries out to to make you open up to her. She also oozes a sensuality, a sexuality that is captivating.

Maybe this is a women’s hairdressing thing? They like to chat and hairdressing salons is where it happens? Well she worked her magic on me.

Since we were the only people in her salon, I opened up to her about my secret little BDSM kink. I have no idea how we got onto the topic of sex and fetish, but it happened.

Well, I described what I like and she lit up like a light bulb had gone off inside her.

She said she had a close male friend, had been friends for years. It wasn’t a sexual thing, they were just great friends.

Well, it turned out he was into BDSM play also, but in a more full on way. He had only a few sessions a year but they were big ones, going for three or four hours and he was usually beaten so badly he could hardly walk.

One last time she’d been called late on a Saturday afternoon because he was desperate for her to take him to hospital. She collected him from the place he’d had his session at then taken him to E.R and been with him during his treatment. It turned out he’d sustained a few broken ribs and the bruising and bleeding was significant.

They patched him up but it was super embarrassing for her. ¬†She said they were looking at her thinking she’d done it.

Then it got better/worse. One nurse said ‘don’t worry, I do a bit of this after hours too.’

Sometimes BDSM flares up in the oddest of places.

Not only that. Since I was separated and heading into a possible divorce, she tried to set me up with her divorced mother. It was not a good match, but she did that knowing about my little kink.