My First Session. Pt 2

My First Hand Strapping From Mistress

Seconds after Mistress returned I was commanded to hold out my right hand, palm up. Mistress made me raise it a little and get it nice and flat with the thumb held flat and low down to the side of the hand. She gave me strong strict commands, making her slave present his hand just as she wanted.

I felt the weight and tension of the leather cuff around my wrist and I knew what was coming, this was something I had asked for and surprisingly to me at the time it was something that Mistress had not made a comment about as if it was quite normal.

At every step of the process, every part of the session till this moment I was a different person and in a different place. The “me” of a few minutes prior had been transformed into a new person; subservient, compliant, controlled and in need of strict discipline. I was her slave.

I heard the rustle of Mistress moving, the slightest of movement sounds then a loud “crack” then a sting shot through my hand. Mistress had raised her split strap over her shoulder then brought it down flat along the length of my palm and fingers.

I had been strapped!

This was the first time since I had been in Grade-5 in primary school that I had been strapped and the feeling was just the same. I suspect that Mistress had used more force than I remembered from all those years ago and a split strap like she used has a special feel. I also remembered that in school the teachers strap had been short and fairly supple so that its effect was somewhat limited. This strap felt a great deal harder and being split it dramatically increased the sting I later learned, making the strap feel like it was two separate narrower straps instead of one.

There was an almost instant sharp sting then tingling and heat in my hand followed a fraction of a second later by the deeper shooting pain. The speed of the strap had pushed my hand down so I raised it up again to the correct height just moments before Mistress brought her strap down for the second time in exactly the same place. Strokes three, four, five and six happened in quick succession leaving me really surprised at both the speed and at what had just happened.

I had been strapped six times across the hand by Mistress. A six-‘er.

At this time, and yet again, the realization really was brought home to me, strange as it may seem, that I was now getting what I had asked for and the old saying, “be careful what you ask for,” was ringing in my ears. I had asked for a hand-strapping and quick as a wink Mistress had given me a “six-er”.

Compared to my school days when I had to march out to the front of class and been given a paltry single stroke of the strap, the six from Mistress were a shock to say the least. I was very quickly to learn that Mistress never ever applied just one stroke and that my full quota of strokes was a lot more than I could have imagined.

Calmly and with authority I was told to put my hand down and hold out the other hand. I found that to be exciting, to be told to put my hand down. To be told to put my other hand up for the strap. To be told by Mistress. It still is to this day, and to know what’s coming.

Same as before, I put my left hand out, palm up, thumb in and again did not have to wait before a slight “swish” of the Mistress preceded the “crack” of strap on palm. In seconds six strap strokes were delivered and now both hands were hot and tingling.

That was a double six-‘er.

The next surprise was the command from Mistress, “Right hand out slave,” which surprised me. I was to get more! It sounds silly now but I’d never given the number of strokes of the strap a thought. Being the slave I dutifully did as told and the next stroke of the strap cracked down over the top of the previous six strokes. The heat and tingling intensified and it really started to get through to me – I was being strapped hard and fast. Quickly, almost too quickly, six strap strokes were delivered and I was told to put my hand down and raise the other.

As before, my left hand was treated to a second six of the best from Mistresses’ strap that left it boiling hot and tingling – a perfect match for my right hand.

That was a dozen to each. It was more than I’d thought, a lot more but it seemed right at the time. Normal. Mistress strapping her slave. Me.

During this strapping I had been moving my head trying to watch Mistress, watching her raise the split strap over her shoulder then bring it down on my palm. What a sight! Being both very attractive and wearing an outfit that hugely appealed to me I wanted to see more so I said “Please Mistress, may I speak?”

The reply “Certainly slave” made me feel better and after I asked her “May I please see you strapping me?”

She granted my request, put her strap down then took off the leather hood. I instantly missed the tight leather feeling and also the feeling of being incognito and now I was “unmasked”. This highlighted my situation and I almost felt embarrassed and silly. I was naked in front of the Mistress, leather cuffs strapped onto my wrists and she had just given me two sets of six of her split short strap to each of my out-stretched palms which were now tingling and hot. I felt very silly. Embarrassed. Getting the strap does not happen every day!

When Mistress had asked me about what I wanted to happen in the session, I had told her that the strap was my thing – along with a strong fetish for leather belts such as she was wearing – wide, thick and ‘strappy’. I had asked her if she would mind using my own strap on me also because I had brought it with me. My strap is an old leather belt 4 cm wide, 120 cm long, and reasonably thick and missing its buckle. When doubled over it is about two feet long and Mistress had said “…and what a lovely strap it is too,” with a warm smile. In truth it is a little long and perhaps a little too supple but Mistress understood my need entirely.

Reaching forward Mistress took up my belt-strap, folded it neatly in half and told me “Right hand out”.

Again and without hesitation I put out my right hand chest high and flat. Mistress used her left hand to hold the folded end and her right hand held the two ends a little way up so that it wasn’t too long and unwieldy.

With an obvious practiced grace and simplicity of movement, Mistress raised the strap in her right hand, steadied the other end of the strap with her left, took aim, pulled the strap through her left hand and powered the strap across my palm by bringing her right hand down quickly, swinging the strap down and across my palm.

A Ballet Of Hand Strapping

Mistresses technique was almost arty, artistic, something that looked choreographed like a ballet move. The whole thing was mesmerizing to watch. The whole thing was impossible not to be engrossed in. But it was also done quickly. With grace of movement the strap was raised, brought around and down with a quick arm movement, then a loud crack would sound.

Instantly my palm would time and again get a whole lot hotter and tingle like mad.

Not wasting time, Mistress repeated the strokes till she’d given me six and my palm was burning hot. This six of my own strap has been delivered harder and quicker than I thought possible.

Many, ever so many times in the past I had experimented using this self same strap on myself. I would swing it down across my own palms, giving myself six strokes to each of my palms. These strokes I had found were painful and I could not give myself many strokes before I had to give up, chicken out. Indeed it was difficult to give myself the mere six that I did. Now, Mistress had given me so many more and each one was at least twice as hard as I had given myself.

Mistress told me to raise my other hand which I of course did and then it too was treated to six of my own strap. My right was then commanded to be raised again and it again was strapped six times and then again my left for yet another six strokes.

After this rapid and powerful strapping to each hand, my palms were hot and tingling, shaking quite a bit and very red. Mistress inspected them and asked me if they were hot enough.

I of course answered stupidly and said “Yes Mistress.”

Mistress corrected my mistake and said, “No they are not, I judge when they are hot enough, hold out your right hand again.” Taking up her split strap she quickly gave me six on my right hand then six on my left leaving them almost too hot to touch and shaking like mad.

She had taken me nearly to my limit. She had also shown me that Mistress makes the decisions and she is in charge.

Overall, this part of my session was just the mere beginning but it did set the tone for the remainder. Mistress would decide what I needed then she would deliver, hard and fast. I was “slave” and I would be treated as she sought fit.

My First And Only OTK

Mistress then sat down on the chair and calmly told me to bend over her knees.

This was strange for me, a grown man, to be bent over for a spanking. I walked over and bent with my bottom directly over her thighs taking up as much weight with my hands and feet on the floor as possible. It was not easy.

Just a few seconds later Mistresses hand started smacking down on my bottom, one cheek at a time, top, then middle then lower bottom. In only a few minutes my bottom felt like it was getting hot, red, and tingling. This continued longer than I thought possible but was only a few minutes in reality. My entire bum was hot and tingling, this was the warm up!

I was not a huge fan of the OTK experience and this was the only over the knee spanking I’ve ever had. Instead I’ve found other alternatives for the warmup.

Onto The Cross

“Up you get, over to the cross,” was the next instruction. My arms were raised and the leather cuffs on my wrists attached to the top corners. Then cuffs were strapped around my ankles and they were pulled to the bottom corners and secured there. I was instantly at Mistresses mercy. I moved my body backward and forward then side to side but there was no real movement possible. I was firmly attached to the cross. This was real bondage, in a dungeon.

I turned and watched Mistress select a soft suede flogger from the equipment rack. Approaching me she ran it over my shoulders, back, and bum and down the back of my legs. Quickly moving backward she brought her arm back then swung the whip across the top of my back just down from the shoulders. It felt like it was scratching an itch, halfway between a sting and a hard massage. Two more quick strokes followed and then I was in real trouble! I had a problem.

Marking Badly

Mistress stood very close behind me and said “Slave. We have a problem. You are marking up very badly even with this soft flogger and I can’t do this without leaving a lot of marks.”

I was gutted. I’d waited so long for this, been challenged at every level. No way on earth was I backing out.

My question of “What can you do,” was met with the obvious answer that nothing could be done if I didn’t want marks. Sensation from corporal means marks, obviously.

I’m not stopping now I thought, it’s taken so many years to get where I was that I was never going to just quit and besides, it was really working for me.

I said, “I put myself in your hands. I can’t stop now but please minimize marking.” Then I said as an afterthought almost, “I put myself in your hands.”

Mistress stepped back and gave me another six strokes across the back and shoulders. It was remarkably therapeutic for me, being tied to the cross and flogged. I think maybe it was the bondage, the setting, the final realization of my dream.

The flogging was sending me.

After a few more lashes with the soft flogger she went back to the implement rack and chose the hard leather flogger. I had been looking at it and feeling the thicker wider hard leather lashes of this whip after I came back into the dungeon from having a shower. Mistress had seen me looking at it and now I was going to get a sample.

Same as before Mistress put this whip against my back and I could feel that it was a lot harder and colder than the suede whip. It was obviously going to have a different feel as well!

This was mush more serious. Previous it has been more at the fetish end. Now it was proper corporal punishment.

Mistress stepped back and a few seconds later the whip was put across my back and shoulders. This whip felt very “thuddy” making a heavy “thwack” as it landed across my back. This was painful and felt a lot more like a flogging should be.

The lashes landed, each loud and painful. Each felt like I was truly being flogged, flogged like a slave.

It is a unique feeling to be restrained and to be given corporal punishment. You can’t avoid it. You can’t move much and you must take what mistress gives.

This was my first experience of this, and it was working. I felt great.

A Belt For A Strapping

After a mere dozen of this whip, Mistress put it down. I suppose I was marking up rather badly on the back and shoulders. I remember feeling that it was hot and stinging.

Mistress next took up my belt, folded it, stepped back and strapped it hard across my bum. This took seconds. She was quick, efficient, and moved from implement to implement quickly. There was a work ethic in her that I was to see in most other mistresses over following years. They do work hard.

This was not a love-tap. The was a grown strong woman using a folded belt hard across my bum. Again, I’d done this myself in the past but it had been quite weak and unsatisfactory. This was neither. This was the kind of strapping that you hear about, someone getting it hard. A full on belting.

Mistress got into a rhythm, putting my strap across my bum every few seconds, swinging her arm and swiveling her shoulders. Like a machine she strapped me time and again bringing the stinging leather full across my rapidly reddening bum cheeks.

The shorter split strap has been very painful when Mistress used it across my palms. Mistress now got that strap and proceeded to use that very hard across my bum. The pain and sting were intense and not to be ignored.

Mistress had only one way, she strapped me hard and fast snapping the strap across all parts of my bum. “Crack” – “crack” – “crack”. Thinking back, I wonder if Mistress moving quickly from place to place snapping her strap hard across my bum was trying to make me plead for mercy. It sure was getting to me, but I didn’t.

The Spine, a Fishbone Harness

After a lot of strokes, Mistress took me off the cross and led me to the middle of the room where she had laid out a device called a “spine.”These are really great!

In my phone call to her I’d mentioned my belt fetish and my self bondage with belts, straps. This was the ultimate in bondage with belts, straps.

The spine device comprises 12 wide thick leather straps that circle the victim from ankle to head and are kept in place by threading through a solid leather strap running the length of the body. Once bound in this device, escape is impossible, the bondage is complete.

I now laid down on floor on the central strap of the harness. The spine. Mistress bent over me and strapped up all the bondage straps around me, from ankles to head encasing me in thick tight leather. Mistress cinched them up tight so there was no escape.

This was infinitely better than anything I’d ever done to myself. The belts were better. There were more of them. They were done up tighter. Bliss.

Mistress then rolled me over onto my tummy; I was hardly able to move at all. I lay on the floor with the straps binding me tight in place.

Mistress now told me how tight and secure I was. She was highlighting the bondage. She told me I am her captive and can’t get away. She is quite right. I am totally bound and at her mercy, I can’t get away, there are a lot of straps binding me so tightly. And I don’t want to anyway.

Flogged In Strap Bondage

Mistress never likes to leave her slave to day dream. Slave must be brought back to the now quickly and with force.

Mistress got the hard leather whip and moved its lashes up and down my body, drawing the leather over my skin. After a few seconds of tickling me with it, Mistress drew her arm back and gave me quick hard strokes to flog my back and bum.

This was wonderful. The cross was very powerful in holding me at wrist and ankles in the classic “flog me” pose with all of my back and bum at her disposal. But it was not in the same league as this. Now I was in the kind of bondage I loved. Now I was strapped up very tight indeed in a collection of leather straps and lying on the floor. It was completely different yet also extremely comfortable.

My fantasy and fetish for bondage in leather straps was being well fed in this position. The Mistress flogging me provided every bit of cathartic release and fantasy that I had every wanted but the bondage spine took it to a new level. It was hard to take, to accept. Each lash made me jump and move against the leather and that felt so good.

Mistress then did a surprising thing, she made me lift my legs so that my toes were pointing straight down to the floor. The soles of my feet were now ready and available for her which was not something that had occurred to me previously. The soles of the feet are surprisingly sensitive.

She took the hard leather whip then flogged my soles quickly, two strokes each. The pain was surprising and oh so fulfilling as I jumped around with the leather straps wrapping me so tightly. This is called bastinado, and I didn’t mind it at all.

In this bondage, taking this corporal punishment as she lashes my soles as much as she wants I cannot affect the outcome at all, I am ‘sent’ into that special place. I was to find out later this is called sub-space. It is a place where the ‘me’ is gone, where all the cares of the person evaporate and an out of body feeling permeated. I had been approaching it for the whole time up until now, but now in the strappy bondage and the corporal it was really getting into me.

Mistress then made me roll onto my back then move my hands around my thighs so that my palms were out and ready for punishment. She then used her split strap to strap my palms. She bent over and strapped my palms six times each making them sting and burn again, rekindling the heat in them.

The other thing, and the thing I find embarrassing even after saying all that is that with mistress standing over me she was a fetishists delight to look at. The stocking, The skirt, the belt and hat as she held the split strap was something I could not wish for better.

It had been an intense quarter hour in the spine straps but a happy time for me. I could have stayed there for a lot longer.

Mistress then told me to stand up. I felt almost sad to be taken out of the straps. They had felt very good going around my body. Mistress took four of the longer leather straps out of the spine and used them to bind my arms to my chest. She strapped me up tightly then when I breathed out, she tightened them up again saying that it is just like cinching up a horse.

She was good with straps. She secured me firmly; she used one high around my chest and over my arms. She used another lower down around my elbows and waist, and then another around my arms and waist then a last strap around my wrists and thighs. I was now and still fully at her mercy again, still, in tight leather strap bondage.

Mistress went to the tool-rack and selected a wide leather paddle. Paddles are not my thing but this is a first session and life is full of adventures I thought. It had studs in one side and smooth on the other.

She held it up in front of me and asked which side. I say ‘flat’ – Mistress said ‘wrong answer slave. It is as Mistress pleases is the correct answer.’

Walking behind me she swung from the waist and gave me six with the studded side to each bum cheek hard and fast. After this my bum is well and truly tingling. The power of each stroke lifted me onto my toes each time, making me gasp.

When I talked to Mistress about my needs I’d said that I had never had the cane and would like to try it. Time!

The Cane

Mistress made me shuffle hesitantly, still bound, to the stretching rack and bend with my chest on the surface, bum out and just asking for discipline.

I heard her rattling the canes in the vase then a few seconds later after selecting a cane, Mistress tapped my bum a few times then my first ever cane-stroke was laid on, probably at a light to medium power.

The cane is very different to the strap. The cane ‘cut’ very quickly from a tingle right up to a full sting, morphing in seconds from the tingle to the deep sting. It was ever so much sharper than the strap. Caning is also usually done slower than a strapping. Each stroke may take a few seconds to reach the full sting, to change from tingle to full on deep sting.

Over the next few minutes, Mistress completed a six-er of the cane that left me wanting more.

Mistress asked me how it felt. So I told her how it left me. I was wanting more.

Mistress then calmly went back behind me then gave me four much harder that had me lifting onto my toes and gasping. Wow! This was much more intense.

The session was now nearly over and Mistress asked me if I wanted to ejaculate. I was surprised and feeling a little clueless about that. But I answered ‘Yes.’ I didn’t know what was happening, but I did know I felt the need.

Mistress then released my right hand and squeezed some lube into it and I was told to, ‘Begin stroking.’

Mistress stood right behind me and with my folded belt, tapped me on the chest and told me I would ejaculate on zero after she had counted down from twenty.

The sting in my bottom, residual sting in my palms and just what and where I was all conspired to be much too much.

I only made it to 17!

Mistress told me to take a shower and I found it so relaxing to come down ‘from the mountain’ and regain my sense of self again. After the shower Mistress and I chatted for a few moments and I thanked her sincerely. In minutes I was sitting in the car with a very sore botty wishing I had a kilo of frozen peas to sit on.

The Drop After A Session

All sessions differ in some ways from all others. Even after visiting the same Mistress a number of times, there are subtle differences between sessions. I have visited the same Mistress for months on end for session after session and each time she will change it in some way. Perhaps part of the reason is that the Mistress is improvising each time and each improvisation differs. Perhaps the Mistress wants to try something different because that is how she is feeling, perhaps she’s had another session with someone else and she wants to repeat something she liked. Perhaps she can’t remember and does what she thinks will work.

However, one thing that remains the same is the immediate time after the session ends, there is a feeling that is hard to describe, some call it “Sub Drop” and it can be a very powerful moment for a person finishing a session. I know.

I am a new person. I am in a different head space. Part of me doesn’t care about anything right now. I have been rebuilt, remade, new and so why should I care about anything?

This is the moment when the real feelings of the whole new person emerge.

After Session Care

My strong advice to someone finishing a powerful session that transports them, gets right to their very core, brings them an out of body feeling is that they should spend a little time coming back to earth.

Just jumping in the car, in traffic, is not a clever idea. Your head is in a different space and it takes time to come back to reality.

The other tip is to take some antiseptic. If the skin is broken, this is a good precaution against an infection. I slather on heaps! Imagine getting an infected bum and having to take it to a doctor for antibiotics.