So Many Blog Posts To Come

Here is a life of BDSM in blog posts. The only question is, what order to release them in? With such a large number and a wide range of posts and topics, it is daunting trying to work out the best release order.

Over the last 20 years or so I’ve been almost addicted to writing down my experiences, thoughts, and how I live my life.

Of course in among all this is my need for BDSM, namely, corporal punishment and bondage with a touch of leather fetish. I’ve tried to come to terms with it for decades and here you will read about that journey.

Most of all, I’ve documented my dealings with BDSM and mistresses, dungeons, implements and the full gamut of my kind of BDSM.

My first ever BDSM Session was also documented into a book I never published. I’ve found that and many other topics and produced about 50 blog posts that I’m hoping to release over the coming weeks and months.

If you are interested in BDSM, corporal, bondage, and all the peripheral things that go with it – please keep watching.

The only problem is drive. I tend to start things, get diverted onto something else and leave a project behind. Oh well. I’ve had a busy few days preparing all these blog posts – hopefully I won’t get distracted for long.

After all it is a subject close to my heart.