How To Give A Hand Strapping Or Tawsing

Hand Strapping And Tawsing

Being made to face our punisher is far more intimate and challenging than other forms of corporal punishment. Hand strapping and tawsing does just this.

The slave must watch the implement in front of him and forces him to accept it under the gaze of the one giving the punishment.

There is nowhere to hide.

Your eyes oscillate between her eyes and her strap. Which is worse?

How would you feel if it was your wife standing there with her heavy leather tawse? She tells you to put those naughty hands up then she proceeds to leather them to a deep red sheen despite your howls and protests.

Or worse, what if it was your mother, or mother in law?

Wife With Tawse

Strict and stern with a heavy leather strap. She looks at you then the command “hands up” comes.

The first one can be bad enough, then the command “hands up” means more is to come.

What follows is a “How To Give For Hand Strapping” description, with options, which applies equally for the tawse. This is from years of experience with this form of punishment and offers ways to enhance the experience for the benefit of all.

24 March2023 – reviewed, updated and more content added at the end.

Forgive me : My viewpoint is from a slave receiving a hand strapping from a mistress, a dominatrix or significant other. If you don’t fit that description then my apologies. Again, I can only write from experience.

Basic Equipment

The Strap The average household will usually have a belt that can be used as an adequate strap. For those more into the subject, there are many websites offering excellent straps designed for this use.

I’ve found much variation in belts and the way they feel. The solid leather kind, maybe an inch and a half wide is ideal. More narrow and thinner belts can be more ‘stingy’ while the thicker belts add more thud.

Avoid studs or similar as they can open the skin and cause damage.

The Tawse This is a little more specialized and you are recommended to purchase from a speciality online seller. Tawse range in severity with traditionally ‘XH’ being the most severe (the XH means extra heavy).

The thickness and stiffness of the tawse also give an indication of ‘thud’ or sting. The density, how solid the leather is promotes sting. I have an XH tawse that is not overly thick but the leather is extremely dense such that it feels more like a cane than something made out of leather.

Basic Technique

Delivering the stroke of the strap is simplicity itself, and the same technique applies to both the strap and tawse.

You may stand in front which makes the slave look at the stern expression and watch the implement be raised then poised over a shoulder. All the while the tableau in front of the slave adds to the experience.

Tawse Over Shulder

Here is a short example of a hand tawsing. I’ve not met this Mistress, but the clip is similar to my sessions.

Isn’t she stern, elegant and no nonsense. Notice that not a great deal of effort looks to be put in yet she does give a mighty impressive stroke. Six of the best from her would be just that; the best.

Standing side-on to the slave is also common. This way the strap or tawse licks across only one part of the hand which can be the palm, the junction of palm and fingers, or the fingers.

You can target one area or vary.

Each place can be brought into red heat with successive strokes or you may redden one area, swap hands to repeat, then swap to find a new area.

Side hand astrapping

When slave stands side on, slave may not be allowed to watch the strapping unfold. Your call. The slave may be told to look at a point on the wall then as the strap comes down, each searing stroke will be a painful surprise.

If slave takes pleasure or humiliation from a front-on strapping, then from the side it can add a layer of punishment all its own and change the whole dynamic. Denying the slave his fetish can be a special form of punishment.

This is not my favourite position, I prefer the front on technique. I relish the look of Mistress in fetish using her strap.

Mastering The Strap

There is a little more to using a strap (or tawse) than might be apparent at first reading.

One of the golden rules is to make sure the inside of,  and above the wrists are not hit. This is where all the veins are and significant damage can be done there.

I usually wear wide wrist cuffs in my sessions. Part of the reason is that I like the feeling of leather bondage, and part is that it protects my wrists from an errant stroke. If I’m visiting a new mistress this is an absolute must – though to date and after 17 years experience, wrist strokes have never been a problem.

Where you stand matters as this determines where the leather lands. If you stand too close then you run the risk of the strap lashing high up on the wrists and that is very bad. If you stand too far back then the strap won’t impact properly across the full length, or width, of the hand.

Remember. When the strap is delivered it is almost a given that the hand holding the strap will extend a little more. It pays then to stand a little further back. See a little furthe ron  about this.

The goal is for the strap to cover from the palm up to and along the fingers – for a front on strapping. And for a side strapping, for the strap to cover the width of the palm (or fingers etc) and no more.

When you bring the strap down the natural tendency, particularly if you are putting energy into it, is to lean forward. This will of course make the strap land a little further along than intended.

So the best technique I’ve seen is as follows and this example portrays it very nicely.

  • The Mistress is standing in front, the tawse is held at the end then it is flicked up to sit on the waiting palm. It is just short of where she wants it to land (it is hard to see).
  • The Mistress gets her range with that. She can see where the leather is sitting and tell where it should land.
  • Note how her elbow is just in front of her hips as the tawse sits on the fingers and not far up the palm.
  • The slave is naked and kneeling with the hand just below head height. This is a particularly subservient position. When the tawse sits on the palm, slave looks at the tawse and along it he sees the stern Mistress prepare.
  • There is a delay for the slave to appreciate the tawse, and the Mistress, and the whole dynamic.
  • Then Mistress lifts the tawse up, fairly high and with  her arm and elbow locked she brings the tawse down.
  • Watch the Mistresses shoulder. It does not move. She is rock steady as she brings her arm and the tawse down. She also doesn’t appear to put much effort into it, yet the crack is formidable. Part of it is that the tawse is quite long and that brings speed and speed brings the sting and thud.
  • Look closely at her arm and elbow. They are locked as she brings the tawse down. That makes the twin strap tails land just where she had it laying on the slave’s hand, with only a little bit of creep, so the leather covers the full length of the palm and fingers.

There are some variations to this theme that can work well also.

Here Are More Exaples

Here is Domina Scarlett.  She is an absolute expert with the tawse and you’ll see she is giving a hard tawsing.

Note how her arm is held differently to the previous example and there is some differentr upper body movement. Note also, she puts a lot more effort into her tawse, it whirs through the air delivering an absolute ‘best’ tawsing.

Here is Domina Scarlett again. This time she’s giving a medium-hard hand tawsing and again you can see her expertise on display.

Looking up “mistress hand tawsing” with your search engine will reveal many such videos.

Particularly strict and stern are Mistress Linda and Mistress Vanessa. Here they give a particularly long hand tawsing in this example, with varying styles and straps and tawse.

Judging The Effect

Just giving a hand strapping or tawsing is only part of the equation. It should be tailored to the recipient and what the required effects are.

There can be far more to the experience than “just” giving a hand strapping.

It can be extended in duration, or quick. There can be a warm up or it can be ‘full on’ from the first stroke. It can be painful in the extreme or it can be mild.

Sometimes a warm up will help a slave take a longer hand strapping. For this, use a less painful implement first then work up to using more force and then more painful implements.

For example, in my sessions Mistress starts with a simple school strap. This is about 14 inches long and an inch and a half wide and not very stiff at all. A six of the best of this is not greatly challenging but for me the visual is engrossing. This is for me a strong part of the experience. The visual of Mistress giving the strapping consumes me. If you have any kind of fetish thing happening, then a hand strapping is an ideal scenario to work that rather well.

When I’m getting a hand strapping, I can’t take my eyes off Mistress when she takes off then uses the end of her belt which is a little longer and a little wider than the schol strap. She uses that harder which challenges more, the belt moving through the air, poised over a shoulder. Seeing Mistress running it through her hands adds to the alure.

After this maybe another lighter tawse gets a workout with increasing intensity, then finally the XH tawse is brought down with force doubling me over my palm as I try to massage out the infernal heat.

That’s where it’s at for me, a warm up with lots of belts and straps from a Mistress in fetish leading up to full on tawse strokes.

If slave has a wide leather belt fetish, as I do, then the warm up is special, especially in watching Mistress take a belt off then use it, only to put it back on again.

Alternatively, if Mistress is wanting to extend me, wanting to really push my tolerance right from the start of session she can bring that XH tawse down with a hard stroke on my unblemished palm. That has devastated me in the past. I’m doubled over, gasping, trying to rub the sting out of the hand and failing. Then she says the dreaded words, said calmly and with authority, “hands up slave.”

The whole dynamic of the strict stern Mistress disciplining a slave works so well with hand strapping and tawsing.

But how do you judge the effect?

From experience there are four ways to judge how the hand strapping or tawsing is proceeding;

The crack of the leather is an effective barometer. How loud is it? How sharp? Did the leather land flat on the palm and or fingers and did the crack sound severe?

A tawse sounds more high pitched while the end of a wide belt is loud and maybe a little deeper. You can get a lot from listening to the sound.

The gasp from slave of a well delivered strap and tawse stroke says a lot, but it can hide the severity. Is slave over-reacting? Is slave trying to make you go lighter by exaggerating the effect? Perhaps the gasp is the least reliable indicator – and especially when gagged.

For myself, I’m an “endurer” and try to not show the severity of the strapping and tawsing. I want to take it. I need to take it. I try hard to hide how painful it it. Mistress of course sees this and knows I need it harder when I don’t react.

The Face of slave as the hand is strapped is highly instuctive.

Slave can grimmace, show shock, or try mighty hard not to show anything. But you will see.

If the effect is not there from a stroke, then you can say, “Not hard enough, I will repeat that,” and slave will know that the punishment needs to be felt.

The Hands will go red after a few strokes and after quite a few will start to shake. This can’t be faked. Shaking hands really are an indication that the strapping and tawsing has got into slave and the effect is being felt.

Spicing It Up

Depending on the reason for giving a hand strapping, you may wish to spice it up, to add that little bit of extra zing to the whole experience.

For a punishment hand strapping, you may elect to give the strokes quickly and firmly and for it to be over in less than a minute. You can give the strokes at only a few seconds interval so a six of the best takes less than half a minute, or a double sixer a little longer particularly if there is hand waving and some elements of distress (which there should be for a proper punishment hand strapping). This may be best for a slave who just needs to know his place, to be quickly corrected, or to have a maintenance that reinforces position.

Adding Bondage can enhance. For me, being bound with leather belts, straps, before, during and after a hand strapping really is effective. I feel the heat in my hand and can’t do anything but feel them. I also can’t self pleasure, can’t get out of the bondage, and must stay there and experience the effects in silence. If it is a punishment strapping or tawsing, then this really does enhance the experience.

Adding a collar is particularly effective. Anything round the neck I find has a profound effect, somehow being felt really quite deeply. It does give that feeling of being owned.

Which Is More Effective? If your slave is made to strip naked and forced to accept a due hand strapping, that reduces the slave to a subservient position and particularly when kneeling. The slave must look up at Mistress.

Getting the hands strapped reinforces echoes of times past and shifts the perceptions. Being naked can regress slave and make it more effective.

Or perhaps if  slave is dressed as per normal or perhaps dressed to suit the punishment and/or wearing items of clothing that reinforces position? If slave is in a suit and tie and the hand strapping is happening in the board room, then suddenly slave is not in charge and slave must quickly accept a due punishment. Or if the slave is your maid dressed in lovely demeaning frilly nickers and stockings then needs her hands reddened because she has misbehaved, that too can lend a delicious spice.

The Visuals Can Really Matter

Hand strapping can be done quickly then over. Or it can take more time and have elements of acting, or performance, orof other times worked into the strapping.

For me it is not just the hand strapping, it is a sull experience.

For whatever the reason the whole ritual matters. This reinforces the whole dynamic and cements position.

Hand strapping is very powerful that way, it allows the Mistress to doiminate in a unique way and for slave to have to endure and accept.

Flick the strap up onto the waiting palm to get your range. Let it lay there for a moment for slave to feel, to appreciate, to anticipate and maybe to dread.

Take your time unless giving a hard and fast punishment. Ritual is all – at least for me in my sessions.

Allow slave to look at the implement, make slave focus with a command ‘Look at me‘ or ‘look at the strap‘ to help focus the mind. You make slave aware of who is in charge.

You make slave aware of what is happening (and not as if that isn’t known) because saying it makes a difference. Saying it drives it home.

You must own time.  You command and control time, you grant time to the slave getting the strapping, you control where and when the slave is strapped.

Then moving back or forward and taking a position that ensures the strap lands as required, the strap is lifted over a shoulder.

With the leather poised, it is amazingly focusing for slave. The leather. The strict and stern disciplinarian. The open hand raised and on offer to the leather. Slave’s brain will be churning and wrapping it all together and know what is coming.

After a moment of concentration during which the leather is seen to be poised and ready, bring the strap down to crack just right onto the waiting palm.

Working The Fetish. Yes, it can be fetish related and maybe it should be for anything other than a punishment strapping.

Just seeing Mistress with the strap or tawse can really be a fetish experience. If there is a wide belt fetish (like mine) then seeing Mistress wearing it, using it, taking it off and putting it on again means something. Take this into account if you want the experience for your slave to be special.

Geese And Ganders

If you are in any uncertainty about the effect of a hand strapping or tawsing, then the only option is for you to trial it.

Yes. Have you had your hands strapped or tawsed? Do you know how it really feels?

Doing it is easy – but of course doing it with sufficient force is far more difficult.

My advice? Try it in front of a mirror. You will get a feeling for the pain and the humiliation of the whole thing – and may understand it all a little more.

Then imagine someone else is doing it to you. You must face them. With your hand out. Waiting for it.

You must watch the strap or tawse or belt being used on you.

Then will you be able to accept it with grace and dignity or will you break down, cry, scream, react in some way?

How embarrassing with that be?

Understanding Hand Strapping And Tawsing

I feel conflicted about it. It assaults my common sense and makes me wonder why it is a thing for me.

But I also know I need it. It grounds me like nothing else, it gets in deep into my psyche.

For me hand strapping and tawsing brings strong conflict between my logical self and my emotional self.

At some levels I have no idea why I’m drawn to it. I feel I shouldn’t be, yet I am. The thought of how it happens in a session seems so odd, yet when it is happening, it is so very almost natural and wanted.

Sorry. There are so many contradictions in there for me. And I babble!

I envy some people, and I have a few correspondents, who say they just want to relive their school experience. Some say they need it to feel the authority.

Yet I find it a peculiarly odd passtime, getting my hands strapped and tawsed in a BDSM session just seems, well, odd.

There I am naked and kneeling in front of a dominatrix and she is punishing me rather painfully. Yet I’m drawn to it time and again. We’re taught to avoid pain, right?

I don’t consider myself a masochist and I never get an erection in a session. Yet I’m called back to it time and again, strongly, like a magnetic attraction. The Mistress I see told me I should rethink that ‘I’m not a masochist’ thing as she says I clearly am.

Maybe to her I am. Maybe to me I just need to experience the whole thing. The theatre of it. The fetish. The indulgence in someone doing that to me and in front of me. I’ve always thought the pain is just a transport – something to push me into a different mind set. It drives out all other thoughts and it pushes me to be someone else. That is strong for me.

For others, my wife for example, she cannot understand the pain thing. To her it is foreign, alien, something she focuses on totally. To me, again, it is just a transport. It is a necessary transport as sessions that are not ‘heavy’ enough really aren’t satisfying to me. I don’t seem to get the same release.

A big part of it is that Mistress is dressed in fetish, stands in front of me and uses her belts, straps and tawse on me. The visual of that gets right into my fetish.

A part of me wants (or should that be needs) that embarrassment also. I hold my hand out and with the best of will and intentions she straps and tawses me hard till I can’t take any more. And I feel that embarrassment in front of her.

Going back in time getting the strap in school, in my pre-teen years I got my hands strapped at school. I don’t see this as drawing me in, making me want it again or giving me some kind of thrill at the time. If anything I find it difficult to talk about because of the embarrassment.

In years 4 and 5 at school I got my hands strapped two times in each year. Compared to some schools and experiences, this was not a lot.

Each time was one stroke of what I now look back on as a fairly simple piece of belt leather. It wasn’t split or thick or overly severe, maybe an inch and a half wide and a bit over a foot long.

Each time I was told to come to the front of the class, had to hold my left hand out then the teacher put the strap over his shoulder and brought it down. I remember the ‘crack’ of it landing on my palm and fingers was loud, but I also remember the utter embarrassment of getting “the cuts” as we called it was far worse.

I never liked it at all. In fact I hated it and tried hard to avoid it. Likewise the effect didn’t linger either, I felt no great hatred for the teacher or the event itself and the pain was gone fairly quickly. It was a short term painful and embarrassing experience.

The whole thing of getting the cuts at school was based around performance, doing the wrong thing, being disruptive and those kinds of things. We didn’t have to try hard to avoid it.

I remember staying over at a friends house some years later. He’d gone to a different school where the strap was in very common use . I remember him telling his mother he got the cuts at school and I felt so on-the-spot-nervous and embarrassed about it even though it had nothing to do with me. His mother was not in the least concerned – and I can’t remember what she said about it. The only impressions it left was in him telling his mum and her not reacting much.

Maybe that was the thing, then. I had some kind of a connection to it in some odd way, even at around age 10 or 11 that somehow deeply almost excited me in some way.

Six Of The Best For Not Checking eMails

So. You send me a message via my contact form, I respond then I hear nothing back.

You have either NOT checked your email for my response and possibly not looked in your spam folder.

OR you have ignored my response.

Either way, HANDS UP!

Side hand astrapping

For those naughty people who need to learn a lesson, a hand strapping is an ideal education aid. It only takes seconds to a minute then the effects are felt for hours and hours when done properly.

Here the recipient will feel the strap quite nicely on the junction of the fingers and palm, and then subsequent strokes can reinforce the delightful sting or find new areas to color up.

Let us hope the lesson is well learned.

Ricks First Strapping From Mistress Tish

Here is an except from “Rick’s First Session” (published on Amazon) where he gets to meet Mistress Tish in all her leather finery in the dungeon.

Rick has a fine collection of gear and has had many sessions, but his previous mistress has moved overseas. So now after much research he is having his first session with Mistress Tish.

This is an ideal story for those with a leather fetish, a wide belt fetish and are into hand strapping and tawsing and corporal punishment in a dungeon setting. The full story of course goes a lot further.

Perhaps strangely, much of this is taken from real life. The names, the locations and the height of Mistress Tish have been changed to protect the kinky.

Mistress Tish - The physicist dominatrix

Being a gangling tall nerdy geeky girl in high school then winning a scholarship to university to study mathematics and physics was an easy transition for her.

The only problem was that while her tuition was paid for, her living expenses were not. Suddenly she found how expensive eating was which was when poverty and an empty tummy found her working as a receptionist at the Satisfaction-X adult venue.

Mistress Tish

Reception work in an adult venue work was easy and mildly amusing but she was drawn to the BDSM side. After trying a sub session she decided to try being an Apprentice Mistress and from there, Mistress Tish was born.

Over the years she became a top flight dominatrix with a large stable of regular and adoring clients.

Mistress Tish used her scientific background to craft superior BDSM sessions. She found herself drawn to the leather dominatrix look and really quite enjoyed bondage and corporal punishment sessions.

Then as time passed her earnings made life easy, paid for an apartment and an enviable lifestyle as she worked for her PhD’s.


For years Rick has been having regular BDSM sessions.  It is part of his life and not something he can dismiss or evade, it is who he is.

The last mistress he’s had sessions with decided to go back to Europe leaving him high and dry, and this was not the first time it had happened.

Choosing a new mistress was his least favorite thing as he had to read profiles then hope like hell he could find someone who had all the attributes he wanted.

Rick enjoyed the whole leather dominatrix with bondage and corporal punishment thing and liked his sessions to go a particular way.


Rick was strongly drawn to hand strapping and tawsing. He had an extensive gear collection with many of each.

After reading many profiles then booking a session, he found himself waiting in a small room for Mistress Tish to arrive.

Mistress Tish in her leather outfit was all he could have asked for. They had a great pre-session discussion about what he wanted in the session then Mistress Tish took him to the dungeon where he pulled out his gear and arranged it on a folded towel.

Mistress Tish took his two widest and favourite leather belts out with her as she left him to get ready.

So Now The Session Begins

For Rick, getting ready for a session was the ultimate in anticipation. After Mistress Tish led him into the dungeon, and he got to look at her from behind which was a pleasure all in it own, the dungeon was very similar to many he had been in. It had a shower in one corner, a suspension winch, a wall of gear and a bench with wide black leather straps hanging down looking ideal for some bondage.

After Mistress left and now being in the dungeon with all his gear laid out for use was delicious. He only had a few minutes to get ready before the Mistress returned, so he had to prepare quickly. It was the ultimate thrill of anticipation.

He stripped off, put his clothes in the lock box then had a quick shower. Sure, he’d showered in the morning but now at the end of the day it was a nice feeling to put his face into the water stream, to close his eyes and push his face into it, to soap up and wash his cares away. Not only that, it was all part of the ritual, the accepted start of the session, and knowing Mistress would soon return made it exciting.

After drying off, he sat on the floor beside all his laid out gear. He quickly put on the collar, then the cuffs, strapping each on firmly. Shaking his wrists he smiled slightly as he felt the leather circling them move and chafe slightly, then he rolled his head and shoulders a little and felt the collar also. It was all part of the experience, feeling the leather, being in the dungeon, knowing that the session was about to begin.

With every movement of the collar and cuffs he felt relief seeping into him. All his cares and stresses were departing. He was enjoying this so much and nothing else in the world existed.

Taking up a belt he wrapped it round one ankle, then round the other, then round both and buckled it firmly. He loved the feeling of the leather circling the limb then round both, holding them firmly. Bondage had been a love of his since his teenage years and now in the dungeon it just felt so right.

He did the same with a longer belt just under his knees, at the top of the calf, then again with his longest belt just above his knees. Taking up a coarse leather stirrup strap he looped it through the front of the ankle belt then ran it up the front of his legs, over his knees, and took it through and around the belt circling above his knees. Returning it he buckled it reasonably, not too tight. If he did that he wouldn’t be able to bend his legs to kneel. This was something he’d discovered years ago with self bondage; when he bent his legs the belt tried to wrap round the outside of his knees putting tension on the ankle and knee belts. It was simple movement restrictive bondage but it did work well.

With that done he got onto his knees and felt the belt preventing his bottom from coming down fully. He put his head down, put the back of his opened hands on his knees and knelt waiting for Mistress.

He was in the submissive slave pose.

It was a totally dreamy time, and time slowed as he regressed. He became someone new on the floor of the dungeon waiting for the mistress to enter.

Kneeling on the floor, smelling the leather, feeling the belts binding his legs tight and being in the dungeon waiting for the mistress created so many emotions.

There was nowhere else in the world he would rather be.

Yet at the same time he knew he was going to be punished so very hard and that he needed it for the escape, for the relief. It would be difficult to accept, extremely painful, yet it was right now enormously attractive.

One thing he did which heightened the whole experience was to abstain from masturbation and any other sexual activity for a week before a session. That included reading any BDSM material or even looking on the web at forums or reading BDSM stories. Experience had shown a week was his limit, he just couldn’t go any longer and with a week he got the most out of a session.

Sometimes he wondered if he’d had a wife or girlfriend what he’d do about having sessions, but since he didn’t, that particular issue wasn’t a concern. He did know that with the way he was now living, he couldn’t go without a regular session. The whole bondage and corporal thing and the way he felt about it made it impossible to deny himself.

These and more conflicting feelings were swirling round inside him and his excitement grew as he knelt on the floor with the belts strapping him into bondage.

Time was different now, neither slow nor fast. There was no real frame of reference for him in the dungeon other than any sounds coming in from outside. He was naked, kneeling, with his legs in bondage and the collar and cuffs reminding him of why he was there.

So it came as no surprise when he heard the clacking of the stilettos again, the definite stride of a dominatrix as she headed into a dungeon. His heart started to race a little more. Was it Mistress Tish coming into this dungeon?

Then the sound approached. His heart beat faster.

Then with a rattle, then a little more rattle, a small delay, then the door opened.

Now his heart raced but he kept his head down. It wasn’t the accepted thing for the slave to look up at the dominatrix when she entered as it would break the submissive pose. It was up to mistress to modulate his movements and grant permission to look at her.

With his head down all he could see was her stilettos and the bottom part of her leather trousers as she walked up and stood in front of him, her presence and the light perfume she wore filling his senses completely.

Time For Your Strapping

“Slave,” Mistress Tish whispered, then a little louder and firmer, “those hands need to feel the leather. It’s time for your strapping.”

And with that she extended a wonderfully feminine hand into his vision. Taking her time she extended a  finger under his chin then lifted his head till he was looking at the three belts circling her waist, taking up most of it.

For a belt fetishist, which he was, this was a wonderful sight. For a leather fetishist which he was, it was even better as the belts circled the leather corset and above that the leather bra that struggled to keep her breasts contained. It was all he could do to not gasp and admit his admiration.

The belts looked magnificent, triggering his belt fetish to the max. Mistress Tish had her own black solid looking belt, an inch and a half wide and thick one sitting on her hips. That looked like it would give a quite acceptable belting or hand strapping and hopefully both. Above that was his brown belt, thick and two inches wide and when sued hard, had plenty of thud. Above that was his black two inch wide belt, thinner than the brown and when used hard had more sting but less thud. This collection of belts had all the bases of his belt fetish covered.

“Watch,” she said quietly as he looking fixedly at her waist. She slowly took off the two inch wide supple black belt and held it between her hands. She ran it once through her hands, his eyes riveted on it, then she draped it over her left shoulder with the buckle end hanging down over the leather bra and onto the corset below.

He’d said belts and straps were his thing and it was pretty obvious from his extensive gear collection. In the pre-session discussion he’d asked the mistress to wear his belts and now here she was with his two widest around her waist and she looked fabulous. That was until she took off the the black one and let it hang down from a shoulder and that looked totally special.

She whispered, sounding strict and stern, “Present me with the school strap slave.”

He quickly turned, collected then held the school strap flat between his outstretched palms and raised it up to Mistress.

He looked at the Mistress, looked at the belts, the corset, the leather bra and felt his penis starting to stir. It was impossible not to.

Mistress reached forward, took the strap then ran it through her hands feeling the leather. “Present your left hand for the strap slave,” she said quietly as she fondled the leather, running it through her hands slowly.

He held up his left hand, level with his face, flat with his thumb in, and pointing his fingers toward the Mistress. His right he put back on his knee.

He watched as Mistress flicked the strap out onto his palm to lay there along it and down onto his fingers for a few seconds. Then it was withdrawn, put over her shoulder then after just a second of delay whilst she studied her target, the strap flashed down. It cracked loudly, pushing the palm down a little but he brought it up again quickly. The school strap was not particularly painful so he didn’t have much trouble accepting it.

Mistress then gave him another, quickly flicking the strap over her shoulder then bringing it down again. Again the sting, again he raised the palm and Mistress raised the strap and lashed the waiting palm again. After those three she stopped, looked at the palm and fingers then ran the strap through her hands.

“Three more I think, you need more strapping,” she said then she did exactly that. She lashed each stroke home along the length of his palm and down his fingers bringing it up into a light pink band of stinging pain.

“Other hand,” she said, so he dropped the left, shook it slightly and rubbed it with his right hand, then presented his right hand high and flat for the strap.

Quickly that too was awarded its six strokes. The first three lashing down, cracking loudly on the palm and fingers. Each stroke firm and crisp. Exactly the same, she raised her arm, then in lowering it she flicked her wrist down making the strap move faster through the air to crack onto the extended palm. After three she stopped, ran the strap through her hands, then “Another three of the strap of course,” she said quietly, then these she applied without delay.

After his six to each hand with the school strap she presented it to him, “Put it back,” she said quietly as she laid it on his reddened palm. He did that then turned back quickly. This mistress triggered his wide belt and leather fetish so strongly he didn’t want to miss a moment.

As he watched in rapt fascination she slowly took the black belt off her shoulder then wrapped it round her fist till only the last foot or so at the end remained. She tugged on it, ran her hand along the leather as she fondled it. Then she pulled on it tightening it, lengthening it a little, then “Left hand out for the strap, slave,” she said quietly saying each word precisely. “The end of this nice belt will work well. A nice strapping from the belt.”

In the pre session discussion he’d said he liked to hear the mistress say he was going to be strapped, to be tawsed, to be belted. He liked to hear the words ‘strap’ and all the other words. It all helped to drive the session home for him and Mistress Tish was only too happy to oblige.

He held out his left again, high and flat. He watched Mistress measure the end of the belt against his hand, pull it back, flick it over her shoulder then bring it down firmly. The belt being two inches wide struck more of his palm and fingers than the school strap and brought more heat flaming up in his hand. She repeated the stroke two more times and now his hand was shaking slightly, the tremor of a well strapped palm.

“Other hand,” she said quietly. He dropped the left, put out the right then it too was treated just the same from the end of the belt firmly applied. Three quick strokes over the palm and down the length of the fingers left it also shaking and stinging.

Slowly she wrapped the belt round her waist then she buckled it firmly. She took off the brown belt then put that over her shoulder, smoothing it down, running her hand over the leather then the buckle.

He watched as she went to his array of implements then selected the softer tawse, it was eighteen inches long and a single layer of leather split into two three quarter of an inch wide tails. The wider tails and the softer leather meant it was nowhere near as severe as the Lochgelly replica, but that was relative, it was a lot more severe than the school strap or black belt.

She walked in front of him, ran the tawse through her hands slowly, “Present for the tawse slave,” she said as she flicked it up in the air, caught it, and ran it through her hands as she stroked the leather.

He held his left hand up at eye height and supported it with his right, the correct way for a tawsing.

She wasted no time. The tawse was flicked out, lay on his palm for a second, withdrawn and flicked over her shoulder. A second later with a flick of the wrist it was slammed down in a sharp loud crack across the length of his palm and fingers. He screwed his face us and gasped, ‘Ahh’, as he shook his hand then swapped hands and presented his right for the tawse.

Mistress strapped him with the light tawse six times, three to each hand alternating hands. She took her time strapping him, making it count, making it precise. Each stroke was hard and laid down the middle of his palm and extended along his fingers. Each stroke was measured up by flicking the tawse on his increasingly stinging palm, then the tawse was withdrawn, pulled back then raised over her shoulder and held for a moment so he could look at it, poised, then brought down hard.

The tableau was everything he could ever ask for; the attractive BDSM Mistress with a tawse raised over her shoulder, the leather corset, bra, belts and the wide black choker collar. All this combined into his perfect ideal of a leather Mistress giving a strapping. He tried to capture the image in his mind like a camera so he could replay the image later.

After the six she put the tawse down by his equipment on the towel then returned to stand in front of him. Standing close, almost touching him, she pulled the brown belt off her left shoulder letting its length fall down across his back surprising him with the slap of the leather on his skin.

She stepped back, pulling the belt slowly over his shoulder then taking her time, wrapped her right hand with it, wrapping it round tightly then when just a foot or so was left, pulled on it, tightening it. “Left hand up for the strap slave,” she said quietly. “Those hands need a lot more strapping.”

He knelt looking at her feeling the utter thrill. She was brilliant. He raised his left hand and held it out.

Taking her time she put the belt over her shoulder, waited a moment, then brought it down hard over his palm and fingers. The brown belt was thicker than the black, really quite thick, and when it landed it stung. Over the top of the palm that had so recently felt the tawse it was remarkably painful. He gasped.

Taking her time she repeated the stroke, strapping the end of the belt down along the length of his palm. Then a third stroke followed immediately and his hand was shaking more and felt like it had been burnt in a fire.

“Other hand slave,” she said quietly as she ran the belt through her hand, standing in front of him, making it impossible to take his eyes off her. He extended his right hand.

Mistress repeated the strapping. The belt was brought over her shoulder, it paused, then it flashed down to crack along his palm and fingers. Taking her time but not wasting a moment, the belt was brought up, then poised over her shoulder then taking her time the next stroke was given. After the three firm strokes each, both his hands were red hot and shaking.

Mistress Tish unwound the belt then holding it by the buckle she ran her hand along its full length, watching him as she caressed the leather. Taking her time she wrapped her waist with it, smoothed it out, pressed it down, then buckled it firmly. “Nicely belted if I do say so myself,” she said quietly, and he enjoyed the pun.

The Lochgelly Tawse

Mistress Tish went to his array of gear then picked up the replica Lochgelly tawse, the three thick tails of intense pain he sometimes regretting buying. He looked at her as she walked in front of him carrying the tawse and felt deeply nervous. A hard strapping from that tawse was damn difficult to take and Mistress Tish was certainly giving him a hard strapping.

“Left hand,” she said quietly as she stood in front of him, the tawse held between both hands.

He lifted his left, and supported it with his right, not taking his eyes off her for a moment. She stepped back, she flicked the tawse out so it landed on his palm. Then, looking intently, she pulled it back, let it fall down so it swung back slightly then she flicked it up and over her shoulder. Standing tall in all her leather gear, the tawse raised, she was everything he could imagine a Strict Leather Mistress could possibly be.

The stroke when it came devastated him. He bent over his red hot deeply stinging palm and rubbed it with his other hand trying to ease the excruciating pain, both of his palms pushed into his tummy as he rubbed them together.

He was in a world of sting, his palm shrieking out in its pain. He hunched over rubbing the palm when he heard, “Hands,” from the Mistress, the traditional command to present a palm for the tawse.

He looked up to see her swinging the tawse beside her, swinging forward and back, looking impatient, swinging the tawse.

He straightened up then presented his right hand, supported by his hugely throbbing left. He watched as the tawse flicked out to land, be withdrawn then be raised and put over her shoulder hanging down her back just like the last stroke. He felt the near terror as he looked at the split strap, then almost too quick to see she brought it down on his palm reducing him to holding his hand against his tummy again as he bent over again and rubbed it with his left equally stinging hand.

“Hands,” was all she said. He knew where that came from, from schools in Scotland. When the tawse had been in everyday use, students considered themselves lucky to go a day without at least one dose of the belt as it was then known. The teacher would call the student out then give the single word command ‘hands’ after which the tawse would lick the unlucky recipients palms however many times was required. They must have been an uncommonly hardly lot to have put up with this kind of thing on their hands was all he thought.

With slightly shaking hands he raised his left then supported it with his right. “Keep it there, do not let it fall else it will be six of the best to each hand this time,” she said quietly. “A grown lad like you should take his hand strapping better. Keep those hands UP slave.”

She was strict. She was stern. She stood strong and tall in her leather gear in front of him with the dreaded tawse in her hands. Se was perfection personified in a dominatrix.

He summoned all his will power and made a vow to himself to keep the hand presented even after the stroke. It was feeling impossible but he’d been commanded by Mistress.

The tawse was flicked out, lay on the palm a moment, was withdrawn then he watched it as it was flicked up and over Mistresses shoulder. He commanded himself to be strong, to not drop his hand, to keep it presented.

Then the tawse cracked down and the blinding pain consumed him.

He gritted his teeth, he gasped out ‘aagghhh’ and he shook his body from side to side but he kept his hand up and presented, the dreadful red hot burning pain running down the middle of it from palm to finger tips.

“Change hands,” was the stern command. He swapped hands, raised the right hand, supported it with the left then seconds later it received its stroke. It was impossible to know which of his palms hurt more, which was burning more. Both felt red hot from that dreaded tawse. Both his hands felt like they couldn’t take any more but he knew there was more to come. She would give him six of the best at least, and these really were ‘the best.’

“Better,” she said quietly then more sharply she added quietly, “change.”

He swapped hands over presenting his left again for its stroke. He looked at the Mistress swinging the strap beside her, forward and back, forward and back then it was flicked up onto his palm and lay there for a moment.

Again he summoned all his will power and when the tawse descended and burned a path along his palm he barely managed to keep it presented, to keep it raised and submissive.

“Change,” she said and he heard through the haze of pain in his palms. It was hard to believe a simple leather strap split at the end could hurt so much, to sting so deeply into the palm so that nothing else existed in the world. Yet it did.

He swapped over his hands with his right on top, hot and shaking and throbbing in pain already. His left was worse, he could feel the heat in it on the back of his right hand.

“Let’s try something special,” Mistress said. She flicked the strap out so it landed on his palm then pulled it back. She let it swing down then raised it over her shoulder but this time she put her left hand behind herself and caught the end of the tails behind her. She tugged on them, he could see that, could see her pulling with her right hand as her left tugged down on the tails. Then when it came it was the worst yet, the worst ever. The action of putting the tawse under tension, of pulling it between her hands then pulling it harder when she delivered the stroke made it supremely painful.

He couldn’t help it. He gasped loudly, “Aagghh,” then he rubbed his hands frantically. This was one of those times when he regretting buying that tawse.

He finally collected himself enough to look at the Mistress. She had a slight smile as she looked at him, the tawse held in both hands.

“Both hands out, side by side now,” she said running the tawse through her hands again, letting it rise and then fall into her left palm. It was impossible to take his eyes off her even though concentrating on anything was difficult with his palms and fingers hurting so much. But he complied. He knelt there, both hands side by side and shaking quite markedly from the strapping with the dreaded tawse.

“Good,” she said as she leaned down and looked at his palms, “using that tawse for strapping those hands does work well,” as she ran a finger across his reddened palms and down the fingers. She walked around him then put the tawse beside his other equipment.

Standing tall when she was in front of him again, with a glance at him watching her, she took off the black belt again and draped it over her shoulder.

He saw her run her hand over it for a moment, smooth it down, run it over the leather then down over the buckle just under her breast.

For the full story,  please search Amazon for Trikki Watson and Ricks First Session.

Being At Home In The Dungeon

Have you Ever Been in a BDSM Dungeon?

When you walk into a BDSM dungeon, there is no doubt where you are and what this space is meant for.

BDSM Dungeon

You look at the bench with its straps designed to hold the victiom down. Then you see all the gear on the walls; the collars, the gags, hoods, whips, straps and canes waiting to be used. Then you look at and wonder about all the other more exotic things that are waiting for you.

You will be the victim. How do you feel?

My First Time

Many years ago, the first time I walked into a BDSM dungeon I felt like I’d come home and all my stresses, cares and worries had evaporated.

It was most peculiar as it seemed to go against any kind of logic. There I was a total newbie in a room with whips, canes, chains, a St Andrews Cross and of course a dominatrix wanting to know what my kink was and how I found her contact details. I was in my first ever BDSM dungeon and I was there for corporal punishment and bondage.

Yes it felt strange to me, and yes I felt like I had come home to where I really wanted to be,

As the years passed I have been to 10 different BDSM dungeons and the same feelings happen every time. Each time I feel a weight lifted when I walk into the dungeon. I know I will be given heavy corporal punishment and I relish my time in the dungeon. I still feel like I have come home and I belong there.

My Needs Exceed Logical Thought

Logic for me says I should not be there. Why on earth would I want to submit myself to the kind of experience that the BDSM dungeon promises? Why would I want to be strapped, tawsed, belted and caned till I bleed?

Logic says that makes no sense.

People call this masochism, the desire to be hurt yet I don’t feel that fits at all well. The experience changes me, moves me into a different space and fundamentally affects me at some deep level. Maybe then that is a better definition of masochism?

The answer is simple. Deep inside me there is a need for this. It festers and grows till I give in then find myself in the dungeon once more. Then I feel better.

The Simple Answer Is Too Simple

Again. The super simple answer is that I’m a masochist and get off on the pain. I am welcoming the coming pain.

I really struggle to accept that as the answer. However if it makes you happy, done, that’s the answer.

For me the BDSM dungeon and bondage and corporal experience is all about fetish, slaking an inner need (that masochsm I guess) and the need to submit and experience something so profoundly cathartic.

The Real Answer

The real answer as to why I have that coming home feeling is, after a lot of thought and false leads is equally simple.

When I go into the dungeon, I am accepting my needs and doing something positive about it.

The fact of the corporal punishment and the bondage make absolutely no difference, and the lack of logic in it is a total false feeling. It is my logical self querying my inner need and not properly accepting my need.

I think now, looking back, that my first ever BDSM session in a dungeon was a life changing event. It was a time when I understood that the inner need could be slaked, and that it was something I could do and feel relief from. I still do.

I still relish that time in the dungeon.

I still feel like I’ve come home.

A Need To Be Punished By A Real Mistress

Thank you to those saying they need to be punished by a real mistress and selecting me as their mistress. Regrettably I cannot oblige, but hopefully I may offer some insight and solace.

I do know how you feel first hand and also from other perspectives.

It Is A Long Journey

For me the journey was long and arduous. If you are struggling, I understand.

In my early teens I came to understand I had a kink, a big one, then over the years and decades this morphed and grew. The problem was that I could never admit it to anyone, and all those years ago it was so poorly understood.

But with the growth of my kink also came the internal silent quivers, the secret passions that brought depression and destabilized me.

Some decades later it got to the stage where my needs were making me struggle in my life. I then decided to talk to a therapist who assured me that “this would not make me a lesser person or take away all the good things about me.” And she was quite correct.

The most strange thing I have ever been told was “I don’t understand why you don’t do it if it makes you happy.” This was going against my conservative upbringing and she was telling me it was OK to have a BDSM session. I was amazed.

She was right of course. Now and after over fifteen years of deeply indulging in my kink, I find I am still the same old caring sharing loving and hopefully wonderful person I always was.

In some ways I am better. I have lost that angst of not taking the first step to accepting that I need bondage and discipline and that I needed to accept my kink.

Acceptance was so hard to gain.

If You Need Discipline What Do You Do?

Just to be clear, we are talking about corporal punishment, physical punishment.

How you go about this depends on quite a few factors.

Do you know what your needs actually are? Are there other fetishes involved as well, and do you fixate on some parts of it? How much pain do you want or can you tolerate and of course what you get out of it all. Is it enough to be disciplined or is sexual relief required?

There are different types of discipline (corporal punishment). For example the implement used, the setting, the type of person administering the discipline all make a huge difference.

Discipline can come with a raft of other things.As above, is there a favorite implement? What about how it is done? Is over the knee speaking your thing, or caning, whipping, flogging, strapping and what about kneeling with your hands up for the mistress to give you a hand tawsing? Do you feel you need to atone? Have you been bad? Do you need to be humiliated? Do you need to be pushed to the limit then taken a little further (extended) – and so the list goes on. Discipline is a huge subject and totally about your needs.

I know my needs changed over time. As I experienced more, I wanted more and sometimes different experiences.

However, the first time I was pretty much clueless so I engaged the services of a professional dominatrix in a professional dungeon which was the best thing I ever did. I really was clueless when I went into it then the mistress with her years of experience and skill introduced me to bondage, discipline and other things that I identified with extremely well.

Unfortunately that comes at a cost, but it was a cost well spent for me. In hindsight, I would not have changed that first session and would happily relive it over again.

For you? I can’t tell you – but you do have some choices. Now there are singles BDSM and kink based sites where you might meet someone who shares your passions. There are clubs and similar also where you can go to meet like minded people.

And of course there are the professionals. I have known 20 and I have great respect for them. They are the BDSM mistresses, the domme, the dominatrix who is available in most cities to cater for your needs.

If you really are like me that first time and wondering what it is all about, but knowing you have needs, then choose carefully.

The 3 Hardest Things

If I had to give some advice on what the major stumbling blocks are and how to go about getting the kink you want – here goes.

Be At Peace With Yourself

For decades this was the most difficult thing for me because of my upbringing and hence self perceived need to keep all this internal.

Until you can accept and be at peace, it will fester and your inner tensions will grow. This happened to me. My inner tension grew until I felt like exploding.

I could not progress till I accepted that I needed a session, till I could uynderstsnd that it would help me.

That was my first step.

Part of this is being able and knowing when to do something about your need. I know if I go too long then my mental state suffers. Then I do something about it – and I am at peace again.

Sometimes when the need is raging in me, just ringing up and making an appointment for a BDSM session makes me feel so much better.

Communicate – Be Open And Honest.

In your quest to fulfil your need you will eventually meet someone who wants to know what you want. Unless you can tell them properly, openly, tell them honestly what it is, you won’t get it.

In my experience I have never yet met a mind reader anywhere, not just in kink. You must lay it all out out.

I get it. You may feel ashamed, secretive, totally unable to describe what you want because it is embarrassing or whatever. However you do it, you must get past this. Try writing it down. Try making a list of the things you want and also the things you don’t want (that can be just as important).

For me I find this difficult as I had decades of keeping my special needs secret. Now, as time has passed it is a lot easier and in these more enlightened times, it is even easier again.

Accept That Your Kink Does Not Make You A Bad Person.

Really. If you have a particular kink and especially if it is in the BDSM arena it means… you like that kink and nothing more. You are not a bad person just from this. No way.

It is almost like saying you are a bad person because you scuba dive or mountain climb (both of which scare me slightly).

Do Something About It

I waited far too long before I did something about my special kink needs. For decades it lingered, festered, and destabilized me.

My first step was to talk to a therapist about it, and I felt amazingly better for it. It was the first time I’d told anyone in my life and it had a cathartic healing quality to it.

Then I had my first ever BDSM session. I remember when the session was over that I’d wished it was longer and I felt amazingly at peace.

Thinking back to those so many years ago, as I write now, I can still remember the amazing release from tension I had. It was like for the first time I’d somehow totally relaxed and let go the last tensions in my mind and body.

I wish you well in your journey.

‘H’ Hand Strapped By His Wife eMail

I received a fine email today from “H” outlining the discipline that his Wonderful Wife applies through hand strapping.

Here I will share my answer to all those others in a similar position, and to those who may be considering following this commendable lead.

"H" you are lucky to have a Wonderful Wife

First and foremost you are truly lucky to have such a caring and Wonderful Wife who is able to provide for your needs and to help you through life so thoughtfully and effectively.

As you said, when you need punishment for such awful behaviour as shouting, being angry and all the other situations, then yes, She is both a wonderful Wife and you do need the punishment She provides.

Not only that, from the tone of your email, it is clerar that She cares for your mental health through Her discipline so that those ‘black dog days’ when it all gets too much are banished by the leather.

Kudos and respect to your Wonderful Wife.

I Do Have Some Concerns

“H” you mentioned how you sometimes are strapped above the palm and I am sure your Caring and Wonderful Wife knows best. Far be it for me to criticise.

However, the wrists are delicate places and due caution must be observed.

Likewise, the hands do have many small bones such that the choice of implements and severity of use must take into consideration.

Another real concern I have is that your Wonderful Wife clearly cares for your special needs, your mental health, and keeps you balanced and on the right path. But, as I will outline below, I do hope you are properly thankful and provide for the needs of your Wonderful Wife.

I wonder, as a follow up, would you care to more fully describe the strap your Wonderful Wife uses, how many strokes She administers and a little more detail on the sessions? I will only publish should you and She allow.

Your Hand Strappings

Thank you for sharing your hand strapping scenarios.

Standing in front of your punisher as you watch the implement being used on your open palm is always an experience that brings the sometimes unwilling recipient down to earth. It focuses the mind on the present and it ensures that the punishment, that the discipline, sinks in properly.

As the palms redden, as the sting increases and then eventually when they shake from the strapping, it all serves to help one know one’s place in life and to clear the slate, to start again.

There is so much I could say about this form of discipline, and it is the subject of a more major work that has been in preparation for some months now. However it truly is effective and for so many reasons. I am glad it has had the beneficial effects for you that you describe.

Kudos and respect for your Wonderful Wife.

May I Make Some Suggestions?

I hesitate to offer suggestions as it is clear your Wonderful Wife cares for your needs and is obvously in tune with them.

However there are a few little options I have used that She may wish to investigate to give variety to the experience as She sees fit.

Add That Little Extra Sting. When delivering a fine hand strapping or tawsing, the implement is lifted over a shoulder then brought down along the length of the palm and fingers. Usually.

And doesn’t it work so well! The crisp crack of leather on palm, then the face that shows the effect makes this a uniquely suitable and effective punishment for naughty boys and girls hands.

A seldom known technique that can enhance the effect is, after raising the implement over the shoulder, is to reach around and behind the back with the other hand then grip the hanging down tails of the implement firmly.

Then, as the recipient watches with an increasing sense of dread, the implement is placed under tension with both hands gripping firmly as the implement is pulled. At the right moment the tail is released so that the implement fairly flashes down with increased speed.

All this leads to a rather interesting visual effect, and also an increase in severity. The visual effect can be for your Wonderful Wife to show by her extra effort that she cares and to highlight her femininity as she places the implement under tension.

For your punishment days, when you have been truly awful to your Wife, perhaps She might like to trial this technique at Her leisure.

Standing Vs Kneeling. In my experience when giving and receiving a hand strapping, the effect of kneeling is to make the recipient truly more know their place. To kneel, to hold the hand up at eye height then look at the strap laying on the palm in preparation for the next stroke enhances the experience.

As you look over the top of the strap at your Wonderful Wife with Her arm extended, you know She cares.

Likewise the effect is highlighted when the strap is raised over a shoulder. To kneel and watch, as the leather is poised for a moment high and ready, pushes the whole experience deeper.

For you, you would be looking UP at your Wonderful Wife. She cares enough to give you discipline so you would be also saying that you accept it properly.

Collaring Enhances Hand Strapping. It certainly does but one must be super careful it is not done tightly and without care. The feeling of a leather collar or a loosely wound belt (always un buckled for safety) around the neck as the hands are raised for the strap helps the punishment sink in.

“H” when your Wife straps you, if She has collared you, you will know your place. She will be in control and it will be for Her to use the strap as She sees fit.

Perhaps being naked would help. To be naked and kneeling, watching the strap being used leaves no dount in one’s mind what is happening. It helps focus the mind and it ensures you know your place.

Perhaps also, should you become ‘excited’ as you are being punished for a gross rudeness then your Wife will know She needs to apply more punishment. She will be able to see the effect without hearing your gasps and She will know when Her strapping has had the desired effect.

Your Mention Strap, Not Tawse. Yes, the strap when used well most certainly does redden a palm and does bring a sting that is deep down and mind consuming. A nice peice of stiff harness leather does make a wonderful strap and I have more than a few that prove this.

Likewise the end of a belt also, when it is nice leather one about an inch and a half wide and solid can also produce a wonderfully beneficial sting. I am sure your Wife has Her favourites and I am sure She has Her reasons.

But perhaps your Wife may like to try the therapeutic qualities of a fine “XH” (for extra heavy) leather tawse. It would in fact be a fine present for your Wife, and the many stores on the internet will fill your need. Christmas is coming you know so here may be an ideal and most practical present for Her.

Of note is the London Tanners tawse, a most wonderful implement I commend to your Wife. Mine is a 3 tail version which has never failed to bring the kinds of gasps that a well tawsed hand gives.

For those special days when your behaviour has been particularly poor, your Wife may like, at Her pleasure, to apply a quick six of the vey best to each hand. I am quite sure, and depending on the strap She uses, that a fine heavy leather tawse will enhance and drive home the experience quite nicely.

The tawse being quite severe also lends itself to a quick yet very effective punishment. For example if you are rude and impatient when She is getting ready, She may elect to give you a quick six of the very best to each hand. It only takes a minute and the benefit lasts hours. This may also be most beneficial if you are going out with friends, or a work turn, or shopping and your Wife wants to ensure your best behaviour. She may just to make sure, tell you to fetch the tawse then give you a quick double sixer as you kneel, before you leave the house. That way you can remember just how well you should behave as you feel your throbbing palms.

Alternatively, on those black-dog days when you are needing to feed your fetish your Wonderful Wife may elect to give you nice slow warm up with her strap, nice and slow. Each stroke will be given hard with plenty of time to feel the effect and to watch your Wife with Her strap. You can savour the effect, you can bask in the glow of love as your Wonderful Wife disciplines you and sees to your mental health as She brings your hands to a fine warmth with a pink sheen. Then when She chooses She may elect to use Her tawse to finish you off nicely and leave the lasting impression you need.

Sometimes More Is Required. Oh, don’t I know it. To have the hands thoroughly strapped and tawsed is a truly cathartic experience, but, well, it is limited to the hands.

Perhaps and at Her choice, She may wish you to drop your hands, drop your pants to bare then bend over the bed for some bare bottom discipline. Having a tush that is well striped from Her strap, from Her tawse and perhaps even Her favourite belt will help you in your journey. I have found this an ideal addition. It shuld not be ruled out and perhaps your Wife may or may not at Her leisure.

Perhaps you may overstep the mark too far for a mere hand strapping to suffice. Then the bottom takes its share of responsibility for your discipline.

Sometimes it may help for your Wonderful Wife to wear her belt when she knows you need it. She may tap it, run a hand over it and with an eyebrow say ‘This is for you’ and then later, use it.

But when even more is required, may I also suggest that a suitable prison strap such as this fine London Tanners example can also work rather well on the bottom and even the tops of the thighs for the full experience.

I have a very similar prison strap and know the healing effects, and should your Wife so choose, I am sure you will feel those same benefits. You will not be disappointed.

After Time And Reflection. I wonder if after your discipline and punishment sessions, if your Wonderful Wife ensures you have proper reflection time?

Now, I know that sometimes after punishment there is a temptation for those hands to indulge in a pleasure that is perhaps not shared with your Wonderful Wife. That wuld be a pity.

Perhaps She in Her Wisdom may permit it, but may I offer a suggestion?

Perhaps your Wife may like to leave you alone after your punishment to feel the full effects and gain the most benefit from it, particularly if the tawse and prison strap have found full and proper use.

Now, we both know this time can lead to other things so my suggestion is that your Wonderful Wife leaves you in a way that She controls your actions. I am of course talking about leaving you in bondage. She may use some of Her leather belts to bind your aching hands behind your back so they cannot get into mischief. She may also tie your ankles together so you are restrianed and left to reflect on your discipline.

If She is feeling particularly peeved, She may even elect to loop a belt through the wrist and ankle belts to totally immobilize you in a hogtie. I have found this most effective, but it can lead to cramps after a time so I am sure your Winderful Wife will take due care.

Perhaps also, if this were in a darkened room the whole effect might be highly beneficial as then you would only have your Wonderful Wife and your recent punishment to think of.

I also know from experience that the promise of another severe hand tawsing, or prison strapping and preferably both when She returns will add to the whole experience quite nicely.

There is nothing like being in bondage with stinging palms and a red raw bottom from the prison strap as you look at those implements laying there next to you and waiting to be used again. You know how they feel as your palms burn and your bottom and thighs sting. And you wonder how many more you will receive. If you have been horrible to your Wife, you know they will be used hard.

As you lay in bondage you will think about them as you listen for the sounds of your Wonderful Wife to return to give you seconds. Or thirds, as there is nothing to stop Her from repeating this more than once.

Perhaps you may hear your Wife walking in her heels. Is She coming to give another strapping? Then She doesn’t because She is doing what She wants. You may hear Her on the phone, or the doorbell, or the neighbours talking. And you cannot do anything about it. Then later, later when you have accepted your fate and properly understand your place, She returns then you are disciplined properly.

I Do Hope you Thank Her Properly. After your Wife has taken the time to provide what you need, how do you thank her?

Do you provide perhaps the kind of personal service She likes as after all, She had taken care of your needs? I do hope so. It would be rather selfish of you if you had not.

“H” I profess to feel a little concerned that your letter was all about your needs, but what about your Wonderful Wife?

You profess to love her all the more for taking the time to apply the discipline you need, but sometimes actions speak louder than words.

Taking Her Time And Bringing It All Together. I doubt your Wonderful Wife needs instruction as She is quite clearly in tune with your needs.

I know from experience that discipline and punishment are complex issues. It does sound to me like your Wonderful Wife has you well in hand.

Perhaps She may choose to enhance your sessions by adding some of the above ideas – though I am sure She may already be aware of them.

I do admire your Wonderful Wife and wish Her and you all the best.