The Most Severe Tawsing I’ve Had

The most severe hand tawsing I got was in a pro-domme BDSM session in November 2021. The very first stroke of the XH heavy leather tawse along the length of my fingers and onto the palm bent me over gasping at the deep throbbing pain.

It was extraordinarily painful and also deeply embarrassing.

After that the other hand was treated the same, with the same effect then it was repeated for both hands two more times. That was a six of the very best of the XH tawse and it was not something I’ll ever forget.

Now, I’ve had hand strapping and tawsing sessions for a decade and a half and change. But this one really got in.

What Made It So Severe

A few things. We’d come out of pandemic lock down after months and months of isolation I hadn’t had a session for well over 8 months and hence my tolerance for corporal and hand strapping was way down. So, the tawse had more of an impact that it would normally have with me.

Next, mistress did not give me any kind of warm up. She usually starts off with a school strap which is far less severe and gives me six of the best of this which is vastly less painful that the XH tawse. Then she uses another strap or two, maybe the end of her belt (which is always good) and then finishes me off with the XH tawse nice and hard. After the previous strapping, the XH tawse is easier to endure.

Next, she gave it to me hard. Very hard, putting in full arm and shoulder effort into the stroke, “swish crack” and just like that at full strength it devastated me. No tease. No warm up. And the XH heavy leather tawse is so very severe.

What Made It So Embarrassing

I’m a grown man, naked and kneeling in front of a leather clad dominatrix. That in itself is embarrassing even to me with so much experience behind me. I love it, I need it, I’ve had it many times before, but it is still embarrassing being like that.

There the mistress is in front of me up close and personal. She is in my personal space and filling my senses. She is looking down as she’s holding the severe split leather strap, the XH tawse in her hands and she’s strapped me super hard. I’ve gasped then bent over and rubbed my hand that stings like hell, trying to get the intense sting out of it.

On the first stoke I buckled over, I found that embarrassing.

That was the first stroke. Can’t I take it better than that?

Am I not used to this, can’t I take it better?

She defeated me super easily and I found that embarrassing.

And yes it is an ego thing. I’ll admit that up front.

Would I Change Anything?

Yes, I would.

Hand strapping and tawsing is for me an experience that should last longer than just a few devastatingly hard and fast strokes.

I love the ritual of it all. The theater means a lot to me.

I absolutely love the visual of the strict leather mistress holding the strap. She stands in front of me with the implement in her hand, running it through her hands, lifting it up to let it flop down on a palm to test the range, maybe lifting and falling for a gentle ranging stroke. I watch, I anticipate a full stroke then it is a gentle stroke teasing me. Then that repeats, the mistress taking her time, the tension, the anticipation, the theatre of it all ramping up.

Mistress stares into my eyes. I am transfixed by the experience. Nothing else exists in the world. There is nowhere else in the world. This is my reality.

Then it is used properly with full theater.

The impact grounds me, shuts out all other senses.

I love being told to “Hold out your hand” and then the absolute thrill of knowing it is gong to happen. I kneel looking at the mistress with the tawse, the strap, the belt getting it ready, running it through her hands. And watching it happen, up close and personal.

When I get sets of strokes from other less intense implements, and each time being told to raise my hands, that is a serious buzz.

In Summary

If Mistress is reading this article – I’d imagine she would be saying something like, “Well, it’s your fault. You failed to mention this in the pre-session discussion so you got what you deserved. The tawse nice and hard.”

And she would be 100% right.

Now here is a thought – how about I design a pre-session discussion checklist?