Millennial Discipline Contract

Embracing Discipline

The very fabric of society was breaking down with the entitled generation unable to cope with their freedoms.

Something had to be done, so the ‘millenniuum discipline contract’ was devised.

Opening up the process, embracing social media into the contract and enforcing dicipline at every became the new norm.

This is the story of one family and the discipline in their life.

Part 1 of this story will be available late December 2020 as a free story on this site. Please call back.


Redwire - Cyber Security - Kinky Sex

Advance Information

Michelle a tough homicide cop finds that a man in a diner is more intriguing that any she’s ever met. Then she finds him to be even more intriguing when the going gets down and happy. She learns a whole lot of new things and gets an appreciation for kinky sex she thought she’d never get.

This is a long stiory, not just a bdsm quickie with plenty of character building.

Coming soon. Very soo. Maybe in parts as it is quite long.