New Hand Strapping and Hand Tawsing Post Coming

A Hand Strapping and Hand Tawsing Expose

I received an email, probably spam, from a gentleman who talked about his hand strapping experiences, mostly at school. I had a few too in my time – but nothing compared to now in my sessions.

I strongly suspect it was spam and then promptly ignored it.

But now, after some reflection I decided, why not revisit the whole thing. I’ve written other posts on this topic so, without looking at them, I’ve written a new and rather large blog post on Hand Strapping and Hand Tawsing.

The goal is to give maybe a slightly different perspective and to go into the whole thing from a number of angles.

If you are into hand strapping and hand tawsing, then this will certainly be topical. I’ve also decided to give a little more time to it in my stories.

Revised Hand Strapping and Hand Tawsing Story

I’ve also revised and spell corrected some of the errors in the Session Training story.

This is a self-hand strapping and hand-tawsing story that then morphes into domestic discipline along with some lovely belt fetish and bondage.

The second part has been updated but is, sorry, woefully incomplete.  It needs some work which I hope to do over the coming days. I’m feeling the protagonist is in for a torrid time under the leather.

Upcoming Stories

I’ve been woefully slow in publishing stories, but not in writing them. I have SO MANY on the back burner that finishing one of them to put into this blog is challenging to choose.

The Riding Academy series is looking promising. It is only 4 major chapters with chapter-2 looking promising and easy to sinish soon. I shall revise part-1 then add the new chapter in the coming weeks.

Riding Academy is kind of a best of breed fantasy for me, the whole bondage, discipline then used for relief of a dominatrix has massive appeal.

On the “solo” topic, I have a lovely story coming, “Naughty Solo Nancy” that goes into the self bondage and discipline themes with has some nice fetish twists. If any of that interestes you, tell me! I’ll speed it up.

So. With the best of intentions I shall try to publis more, soon.