The Wrong House

A New Mistress Operating From Home

I was between  mistresses. A well known and renowned mistress I’d heard about was operating not that far from me so I decided to get her a try.

A look on the internet then a phone call, a discussion about what I wanted resulted in me writing down her address and making a booking.

A few days later I arrived. It was a new estate, small blocks and arranged with winding roads. The address she gave me was on a circular ring road. All good I thought, it looked like a normal suburban home. Who am I to worry about that.

I have quite a bit of gear. There is a large luggage bag full of belts an straps and such like. Then I have a long triangular mailer my Canadian Prison Strap came in. This also has about 8 other straps and tawse shoved in there also. These two things make a reasonable load to carry.

Well, after parking in the driveway I headed to the front door then rang the bell. No answer. I rang again, and again. No answer. Damn. What’s happening?

Then I looked around and there it was on the wall. On a plaque. The full address of the house. It turned out I was on was in the right street name but it was “Circle” and not “Drive.”

Who has an address on a plaque on their front wall? I don’t. Turns out it is people who get callers who choose the wrong address in their GPS.

It made me wonder. How many had shown up looking for “Mistress XXX” and then the embarrassment.

It could have been me.